April 17th, 2009

Photo Request for a Lolita Panel

I am doing a Lolita Panel for Anime Central in Chicago. I would really like to show Lolitas from the international community rather then just stock photos.

The photos I am looking for are Large good quality Group Meet up photos and individual outfit shots.
However any photo you would like to submit would be greatly appreciated.

When submitting your photo please fill out this form

Description of the outfit:

You can post them here or email me at traptnspidersweb(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

(all countries are welcome)

I need Gothic, Kuro, Shiro, classic, sailor, pirate, boystyle...

Juliette et Justine Shopping Guide and Review

A couple of weeks ago I set out to order a dress from Juliette et Justine for the first time. Their shopping guide told me that they do, in fact ship overseas. However, it doesn't actually give much detail on exactly how to go about ordering from them.

So, with lots of help from cruxcommissa, I'm posting a step by step guide on ordering from Juliette et Justine!

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. . .Constructing a Pattern. . .

So, after finishing a Visual Kei fashion show in October...I'm finally getting to make my lolita dresses! <dances>  Problem is...I like having a pattern to go off of, you know?  Cutting blindly into a piece of expensive fabric is idiotic! >_<'  I have printed a few pattern overviews from a place called Batty Chan and they'll help a lot, but I really need to know about making the peticoat part...I know that those horrible square dance things are a no-no...but how do you give the thing body?  Layers of Tulle gathered at the waist with a light over skirt to smooth out the coarseness of the material?  <sigh>  Assistance please! ^_^

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