April 16th, 2009

fairy wish

Zürich picknick - classic, sweet and casual country

After weeks of talking about it, two weeks ago laquaza, Wasserbienchen (no LJ) and me finally managed to get together for a small picknick - and what awesome weather we had :D

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On our way back an older lady stared at us and said to us "someone has to take a photo of this" - "we did", I answered and she said "you look so sweet" and told us how much she prefers what we're wearing to what other young people wear nowadays, showing so much skin etc... really sweet.

How to order from Grand Bazaar Lolita and Alice Fururun

I’m sorry if someone has already posted this! I’m a noob at live journal and I don’t know how to check the memories. If it is there, I’m sorry I wasted space and if some could direct me to where it is that would be awesome!

So I used a shopping service (Celga, never again!) to order a dress off of Grand Bazaar Lolita, and its taken forever and way more money then I intended to spend to get it. So I was wondering if anyone knew if Grand Bazaar Lolita or Alice Fururun shipped internationally and what you have to do to give them the order.
bride of frankenstein

I want to draw you!

As Im sure alot of you know, I like to draw. The only problem is, I need more practice drawing people that actually look like the real people theyre supposed to be. So, in an effort to improve my skills, I want to draw some of you lovely girls in your best lolita outfits! I will draw the first three girls who post here (sorry late comers!).

EDIT: Okay, Ive already all the spots filled! Im taking the first five to post here instead of the original three I planned to draw, 'cause Im just so damn nice like that. I most definatly WILL NOT be drawing any more people, though. Sorry. The people who I AM going to draw are kaivxn , z_red_poppy , miyavi_kuso , tab_sempai, and becausedead .