April 15th, 2009


Strapless dresses?

I know the general consensus is that if you're going to wear a strapless dress to wear a blouse or something underneath it/make it not so obvious that it's strapless. My question is, are there any looks/styles where it's okay to wear a strapless dress without your shoulders being covered (by like a jacket or something)? I mean, you can wear a strapless dress and still have it be tasteful, so is it totally taboo across the board? Or is it okay in some cases? What do you think would need to be added to make a strapless dress passable as Lolita (without making it no-longer-strapless)?

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this, when you think it's acceptable (pics encouraged!), or if you think it isn't, then why.

Edit: For those who don't read through the comments.. The main reason I'm asking is I'm working on making a dress for something I'm going to next week, and I was thinking of Loli-fying it, but I wasn't sure where the line would be drawn between Lolita and not with no blouse underneath. The dress is very similar to one linked below (here), the general cleavage problem isn't an issue (it doesn't dip any lower than any of the regular dresses I see posted, and the dress stays up really well), and I plan on pairing it with various distractions anyway (some sort of collar/choker, wrist cuffs, some sort of head piece, etc).

Stained Glass!

I just wanted to let people know, in case you haven't seen yet, that Alice & the Pirates released a skirt with a VERY similar print to the old Stained Glass series by BTSSB! I'm not sure if I like it as much as the old one, but I think it fits larger waist sizes (note: It's still small, just larger than the old one I think), and on the bright side you won't have to pay $250+ for it!


I just ordered it in black! I'm so excited!

Note: If someone already posted this (although I don't think it has been because I looked myself), or if this belongs in the BTSSB sub-comm and not here, please just tell me. I'd be glad to remove my post.
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(no subject)

Does someone know if  Dear Celine on taobao does custom sizing on their webshop products? I know hmhm does but somehow I can't be able to find more info on Dear Celine. And are there any more taobao shops that do custom sizing?  I do have the list that princessd0ll put up for her shopping service mashimaro_girl  but I don't know which stores do custom sizing. Thanks :)

*edit: I know kidsyoyo also does custom sizing forgot about them*


Hey everyone! My roommate is doing a paper on lolita fashion and asked me to post a few questions here to help her. It's mostly for references towards the paper.

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If you could include a picture of you wearing Lolita (or more than one, is fine, too!), It would be appreciated. It will only be used for a reference, and it would only be shown to the teacher and classmates.

Thank you everyone.
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A little vlog series

Hey EGL, 10sugars here.

I decided to start a lolita vlog on youtube just about things and quirks in general to do with lolita fashion.
I hope it will be a fun and interesting little series, that will improve over time.

The first entry might seem a little rushed, but I tried my best! Hope I did ok~
I would be honoured if you watched it. and even, dare I say it, COMMENTED 8D

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFSgB79w9JE  < here we go.
This first installment is on headwear.


New Lolita Dresses

There are two dresses that are not Lolita, but most are. I've been working really really hard at putting these outfits together and I'm pretty excited that I finally have good pictures of them! I've taken a few of the 600 images from the shoot and posted them for you all.

(These are not retouched, but I was too excited to wait. ^^;;;; )

Have you fondled YOUR face today?

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P.S. Sorry about the random jeans images
- I just copied and pasted the entire photo section and forgot they were tacked onto the bottom!!