April 14th, 2009


Solved, thank you all! =)

ok I have a dumb question...

how do you ship a petticoat?
do you usually ship it in a box to prevent it from being de-poof?

coz I have have thinking aout selling my bodyline petticoat...
but am held back coz Im stumbed by the shipping of a petticoat

thanks for viewing
(Im sorry, I know my question is dumb)

Heads-up: AatP LPs + Anyone living in or near Nagoya?

 Hello there ladies,

I wanted to know if somebody was living near or in Nagoya. The reason is that I want that in-store only Lucky Pack that will be sold on April 25th at the new AatP store in Nagoya (more information here: New AatP Store), if anybody there could pick it up for me that would be awesome (the shopping service I use only do mail orders).

Thank you!
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