April 13th, 2009

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Nail Art

I've just recently found Konad Stamping which is a method of taking a design from a metal stencil and applying nail polish from that and transferring it to your nail with a stamp. I found someone that had used it with a lace pattern and I just immediately thought of egl. Whether you like doing your nails or not, as simplistic or elegant as some lolitas would like to be I thought this was an opportunity to show everyone.

you can read more about it here:

and I'm sure that there are youtube videos on how it all works as well.

Brand Coloring Books?

I saw someone comment a few days ago with scans from an AP coloring book? from what I understand it was only from the sugary carnival set, but if there are more of them I would appreciate it very much if you'd scan in them for me. I appreciate anything you can come up with so thank you in advance!

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I have a weird/possibly stupid question to ask.

Is there a lolita community dedicated to posting ideas for coordinates to get con crit on them/ just show them off? (like just posting separate images of all the items or a drawing of the theoretical outfit)

I know there is daily_lolita for actual, worn lolita coordinates, but I'm thinking more for when people are still gathering all the pieces of an outfit but want a second opinion before they wear it.

Does such a community already exist? If not, would anyone be interested in a community like this?

I for one am always thinking up outfits in my head. Every time I buy a new dress, and it's still coming in the mail, I always start getting ideas and buying little accessories to match it and think about how it will look with items already in my wardrobe. It'd be nice to be able to share and get other opinions or advice! It could even be used for "dream" outfits!

Metamorphose Swan Lake Measurements

Hello again

I have another measurement question, this time about the metamorphose swan lake jsk's max measurements.I know it's shirred...but exactly how far does it go?

I've already searched memories and didn't really find much ^^; except requests for stock pics, etc...If anyone owns it and knows how far it goes, it would be really appreciated if you could tell me :3

Thank you in advance!

help needed! any bonnet patterns/ tutorials?

sorry if such a question was asked before.
i've been seearching net for some bonnet patterns or tutorials, but really haven't found anything helpful for me.. ;O;
so i decided to ask you for help, can anyone give links to such patterns, or maybe you could upload them for me?
i'm trying to make a pink bonnet similar to this one:
i will be very grateful for any help! <3

EDIT: thanks everyone for your help!!! those links were very helpful! thank you!
when i'm done with making this bonnet i'll post it here <3

[PICS] Sakura-con Lolita Fashion Show + InnoSera booth ladies

I managed to make it to Sakura con this year and the only photos I took were of Tsubasa Reservoir cosplayers and lolitas. @_@ I'm not even a fan of TR but they were awesome costumes. Anyway, Collapse )
I'm sorry that the photos are rather large! Some of the pics are blurry as well. The models at the fashion show didn't seem to realize that a literal 1 and 1/2 seconds of posing time didn't allow an amateur camera-woman to focus and capture them properly.

Most of the models also posed staring stright North, South, East and West instead of at the corners of each where the people were sitting and taking pictures were faced. So most of my shots got their profiles and a tiny portion of their backs. I finally ended up on the floor on my knees in the middle of the center aisle just to get the runway shots. -_- The informative panel about the fashion was nice, but I disappointed at how short and fast the actual fashion show was.

I didn't name anyone because I didn't know if they wanted me too. I will take your photos out if you tell me too. :D

Dances of Vice vintage boudoir party NYC

Hello coquettes! I am hosting a vintage lingerie/boudoir party in Brooklyn at The Montauk Club next month on May 16th and I thought some of you might be interested in attending in your lovely Lolita dishabille: frilly bloomers, flowing ribbons, layers of lace and petticoats! For those unfamiliar, Dances of Vice parties attract an EGL contingent despite what the theme may be, due to the Victorian and Rococo events we've hosted in the past, and its always an elegant affair that will doubtlessly appeal to Lolita tastes.

Hope to see you there, and perhaps even at our 1920-30s Parisian themed event at The Montauk Club this Saturday!


AP Posters

I am wondering about Angelic Pretty Illustration Posters. Does anyone have any? Where did you get them? I'm wondering if they're only available to the shops or if they get sold sometimes. Thanks~

Sizing question!

So, I noticed that the bodyline fruits parlour replica skirts are £8 today (making them £25 shipped *sigh*), and I was wondering if they would stretch to a 29 inch waist?

I know it's not a big difference, but I don't want to get it and find I can't tuck my blouse into it because it's just a smidge too tight.

Thank in advance guys!

Edit: For gosh's sake Bodyline, buy some goddamn bandwidth. Navigating this site is like pulling teeth.
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New Dresses and Stuff on Bodyline Japanese Site

Not sure when they'll be over onto the International site, but I thought it may be of interest to the community. I think some of these (like the first dress) are from the design competition, maybe(?).

(the vest comes in other colors too.)

And a bunch of new accessories including gigantic freakin tiaras and rose corsages/headbands:
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