April 12th, 2009



Don't tell anyone, but if you're looking for some cheap lolita basics, Walmart surprisingly has some stuff that I think you're going to like at a price that can't be beat! For the enterprisingly lolita, it would be really simple to jazz up these shirts with a few extra touches. If you look through their selection, all are available in different colors. There are a few other shirts and sweaters I think could work nicely as very basic pieces as well.

Also, cap sleeves seem to be back in style this summer. Think we're going to get a rebound of loliable blouses and sweaters? I hope this is like that Victorian-esque revival a few years ago.

good finds!

I posted an earlier entry a couple days ago but I think I might have accidentally deleted it. Thank you to everyone who commented =).

Also, I just wanted to give people a heads up about Betsey Johnson. I think the store has a lot of really nice lolita-esque dresses that would look nice if coordinated with other things. The only problem is the price. Since it's a designer brand, most of the clothes are $200 and above. I usually try to look in the sale section. I've put some examples of their dresses below.

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Roxy magical

Patchwork Lolita?

I have a TON of scrap material (and by scrap I mean less than 1 yard per type of fabric for the most part (though there are a couple somewhat ugly fabrics I have a few yards of), most of the fabric I have is black, some of which patterned, and most of it's more on the heavy side), and I want to make some sort of patchwork outfit with it, but I'm short on ideas, so I want to see what else people have done with their scrap material for a little bit of inspiration. Have you guys seen/made anything out of scraps that turned out looking really cool?

(Btw, I did use the search function and didn't really find anything useful (except for a post of someone's Nightmare Before Christmas Loli prototypes that did actually look pretty cool))

EGA for men

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend any EGA labels that cater to men? In particular I'm looking for jackets and coats.

I heavily favour Atelier Boz and Moi-meme-Moitie, but I'm still waiting for Atelier Boz to add new stock, and Moi-meme-Moitie hasn't come out with anything interesting in over a year. Don't like gilets :/.

I've checked out Black Peace Now, but they're not to my taste, and Fanplusfriend is just... no.

Can anyone help?

Bodyline Question

Instead of the cutsew, bolero, and swirly OP that everyone else got in their lucky packs from Bodyline, I got this mysterious three-piece set in mine. It's been moldering in my closet ever since I got my LP, and I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with it. While the set's not exactly ugly, it doesn't really suit me at all, and it's not really my style. Could anyone offer some tips on how I could alter it to make it wear-able, or does anyone have this set, and know of any ways to rock it without looking like a total moron?

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Sakura-Con 2009 Epic Photo Post of DOOOOOM!

The con is over! I am finally in my pajamas! My feet hurt! But it was FUN!

Fair warning, I am including some cosplay photos because they were a) of me, or b) AWESOME.

ETA: Sorry, folks! Bandwidth exceeded. I know I have some pictures of the fashion show coming from professional photographers, so hopefully I'll get those soon and be able to post them on EGL separately.

ETA again: For those who are interested, the link to the gallery is here. There's a lot of cosplay photos in there, mostly of me. Just keep that in mind.


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