April 11th, 2009


malco modes 580?

The archives are a little light on this topic, so -- does anyone have a photo of Malco Modes 580 (a.k.a. Candy Violet's 'lace petti') in action? Preferably on someone who wears a medium-ish (US 6/8/10) but I'm not picky. I'd like some action shots before I drop the cash to replace my increasingly lopsided, supposedly-temporary petti that I've had for years now. Thanks!

Petticoat Problems?

I just bought a petticoat and I have only worn it twice and it's already losing it's poof. I heard that hanging it upside down helps. I also heard that ironing it with starch helps, but neither really did. Do any of the Lolitas out there know a few tricks to help my poor petticoat?

By the way, I am using a ITS poof petticoat
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about black mail that someone sent about me and my brand

Dear EGL users,

Currently, I'm in very stressful situation because of a troll who are spreading bad rumor about me and my own brand, MEW.

I just want to ignore her words, but I'm afraid people have bad impression about dresses I made, even before they see the dresses in real person.

So, if you ever purchased anything from me, could you leave me a comment on my feedback page? (in my livejournal)

Again, I don't mean that I don't want to hear negative thing about my dresses.

If there is anything you're dissatisfied with, (quality, shipping speed, etc...) feel free to comment because constructive criticism is always welcome.

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The U.S. postal services hates me...any suggestions?

I'm not sure where to post this but my friend told me to go ahead and just post it here.

About 3 weeks ago, I bought a dress from someone on the comm sales.  She told me if the package was lost, she has no responsibility for it so I'm not blaming her in any way.  But what happened was somehow, due to my inexperience with Paypal, the address given to her to send the dress to me didn't have my "proper name" on it.  I'm living on a university campus; the mail services here apparently recieved it and, because my "proper name" wasn't on it, they labelled it "return to sender".  

However, she apparently hasn't recieved the dress back yet.  It's been over a week since it's been "sent back" so I'm getting really worried.

There's no way for me to track this, especially since I also found out later the school mixed up the package's tracking number with another package (from my parents).  They insisted I had recieved all of my mail in a "timely" manner.  Essentially, they said it was my fault that I didn't pick up or check my mail earlier (I check everyday)...but I say they should have contacted me and double-checked to see if I was expecting 2 packages.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?  I'm really upset by this right now...I bought the dress behind my parent's back with my own money but they monitor my expenses.  My mother really dislikes lolita because it's not what's "in" right now but she tends to get over it once I actually recieve stuff and she sees how cute and conservative it is.  I'm afraid of not being able to get loli clothes anymore if I can't get this dress.

Thank you for any help ahead of time!

lolita resistant hair dye? SOLVED

So I've had several subtle sections of my hair bleached and colored candy apple red for almost a year now. A few months back however I decided to go for a less common color and use pink instead.

Now, my hair is Asian black, so black it's almost blue XD. So I killed it until it turned blond so I could get a nice bright color. But nothing works. I mean non of the pinks that I found have been the color I want or even the color stated on the label or lasted more than a week. I've tried many brands and even mixing powder pigments(my mom is a cosmetologist so she has all that stuff) but we could only get really light natural reds out of that. (She doesn't work with brights). Then someone told me that the hot topic alcohol based brand was pretty good with brights so there I go. I shelled out the 14.00$ for the 4oz. I was very skeptical because there was no activator involved and it was already pink when I opened it. It worked, the color was wrong but pink enough and I was happy. Until 2 days later when it all washed out upon the first shampoo and my hair was a nasty orange. I later found out that hot topic discontinued selling special effects (the dye that my friend actually meant). Now it is Color fiend(what I bought)

So my question to you is. What dye do you use or method have you found works best for keeping brights in and bright. Any brand that works wonders for you as a lolita. I say as a lolita because I wear loli constantly and having discolored hair looks so bad with a coordinate it makes me want to wear a bonet every time there is a gathering.
PS: I search the mems and all I found was a ton of..."Is dyed hair okay with lolita?" "requesting pictures of lolitas with dyed hair"
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Altering shirts to fit my bust

Hi there! I've been lurking for a while, but I have a question I thought you guys could help me with ^^

I recently bought a beautiful blouse online that I plan to make a sweet lolita outfit from. I checked the measurements before I bought it, and it fits like a dream... except in the bust area, which I seem to have underestimated on myself :x

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I've been hoping to work these into a sweet lolita outfit, but I'm afraid I'm not as good with sewing as I'd like to be. I know a lot of lolita clothes are imported, and tend to be made for smaller figures, while westerners tend to be a little more well-endowed. So there must be something you can do to make them fit better, right?

Does anyone have any tips on either altering the shirt to fit my bust, or binding the girls down to fit the shirt? I really appreciate it, thank you ♥

Are floor length skirts acceptable?

i am very into the victorian era, and love the floor length, bell shaped dresses. i was wondering if there was a way to combine that with lolita. i don't think it would be hard, a floor length, bell shaped skirt, and add a loli blouse or something. would that be acceptable as lolita? if so, does anyone have any pics of what that might look like?

Easter Snap Shot Events

Please delete if it is not allowed.

Hi all girls,
Lolita Tales would like to set up a Easter Snap Shot Events.

The idea of the Easter Snap Shot is to share Lolita items coordinate pictures and outfits.

If the events is running well, we will set up similar events seasonal.

First Prize: Lolita Tales USD 15 discount coupon
Second Prize: Lolita Tales USD 10 discount coupon
All Participant: a Free gift for next purchase in Lolita Tales.

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It's so ridiculous I have to post on it...

Bear in mind that this is fairly Trashy.... and I mean Trashy, so I'm putting it under an LJ cut.

Fair warning.. it's not really suited to innocent childrens. Although I can't stop you from clicking the link, and I won't really care if you're already in the perverted world of pervyness... I give a ... PG-13 rating... Don't quote me on that... I don't like being responsible for scarring people! Okay no. I don't want to be held legally accountable... But I really don't mind, I find the trauma entertaining. Enjoy!

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