April 10th, 2009


outfit ideas

As with many of you, lolita fashion is my vice, but I'm getting older these days and I'm looking for something more simple and possibly can be worn without a petti but still considered lolita. I would prefer to sew outfits but (heres where you come in) I need some suggestions for outfits that are simple and can be worn in public without standing out too much. I also live in Arizona so it's incredibly hot here, which would entail some thinner or cooler dresses. I prefer two piece sets, but would also enjoy a few dresses.



I'm interested in getting this dress from BODYLINECollapse ). I think it has some potential, especially without the flared sleeves.

Does anyone have any pictures of themselves in this dress? Does anyone have any suggestions to make it better? I do not care which color you have it in. Thanks!

Trip to Amsterdam

I'll be going for a short holiday to Amsterdam in a few weeks & I was wondering if there are any shops there that sell Lolita ( off-brand or imported ). I'll me staying right in the city centre to give you an idea of my location. Thanks =]
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