April 9th, 2009

Lolita Booths???

Good morning ladies!

I was just wondering if there were going to be any girl running a lolita booth at Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas. I've seen some other states where some of the girls sell home-made bloomers, sweets jewelry, dresses, and the like.

Will there be any of you there? I'd love to buy!

Hope to see you all there with Miyavi!!
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Double Decker?

I hope this is ok to ask. I used the search function but couldn't find anything to answer my question.

I placed an order with double decker last night and this morning received an email from them saying that the shoes i would like to buy are sold out and it may take up to two months to manufacture more.

has anyone else had this happen? if yes did you get your shoes? im just worried and would like some help

thank you sooo much in advance.

Quick question

EDIT: Solved! Yay :D

How in God's name do you zip up a back zipper??? It's getting stuck at the waist seam, and according to the measurements I fit -_- (my bust/ribcage is an inch smaller than recommended and my waist fits so wtf).

I've tried graphite, inhaling, exhaling, coaxing, prayer, and still no dice :\
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At the end of this month there will be a convention called Kami-Con and I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies were attending?
It is in Tuscaloosa,Alabama.

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Jobs In Lolita? :D

So, I went out job hunting today, and despite the fear of being rejected (I've never had a job before, and I'm kinda awkward when first meeting people .____. ), I managed to find a job at an ice cream parlour!

I'm ecstatic (yay pastel prints for the summer!), but  I wanted to know what other lolis do for a living? Or perhaps funny encounters at your job in lolita? Do you wear it to work? And if so, how did you begin to wear it to work (break it to your boss, lol. I was dressed completely normal today.)?

@___@ I'm sorry, I'm rabbling, but I was wondering. Even if your job isn't very lolita like, I'd like to hear! :3 

Edit: Gah, so sorry. Archives I know. I was just so happy I didn't think.