April 8th, 2009



Good evening,

I was hopping someone could tell me if the petticoat under this skirt looks ok. simply because someone asked if I was wearing one and I thought it was clear, Was I mistaken?

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Question About Order from Juliette et Justine

I ordered a dress from Juliette et Justine.

I used the shopping cart. I filled out everything on the order form (name, address, ect) and then sent my order. I got a confirmation email saying it had gone through.

Then it sent me to a page to pay by credit card, so I paid.

It accepted my payment and gave me a screen that said this:

控えを my.email@gmail.com 様宛にお送り致しましたのでご確認下さい。

which according to Google Language Tools means the following:
Merely. We accept credit card information. ***** From the appropriate credit card will be charged.

A copy my.email@gmail.com please send me the address so we like.

I'm just a little confused by that last part. Please send what...? Can anyone translate this a little better? Thank you!

Kawaii Kon in Hawaii

This weekend is Kawaii Kon! There's probably not going to be a gathering, but come check out the fashion show on Friday at 4 PM in the Main Events room.

Also, I hope to have a lolita corner at my booth in the dealer's room. If it works out, I'll have about half of my wardrobe out there for sale. Lots of clothes, shoes and accessories! ^_^

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Tekkoshocon 2009-Frills Edition

This past weekend was Tekkoshocon here in Pittsburgh. sweetsailormars  and I had a table selling lolita goodies, and we met lots of really sweet and cute girls throughout the weekend. If you happen to see your picture here, please let me know so I can tag you!

Pictures of silliness, cosplay, and other such things from the weekend can be found in my personal journal if anyone is interested. ^^

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Shout-out and a big thanks to anyone who stopped by our table this weekend. Thanks for making the con an awesome success!! 


Foam RHS question

I was thinking about getting some foam rocking horse shoes, but seeing as I live in the country, and it's pretty muddy around here, would the foam just soak up the mud? Or are they pretty resistant to that kinda thing?

They're a lot cheaper, but there's not really much point in me getting them if I can't walk home in them XP Any experience with this?
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Lolita at QUT Brisbane?????

I was just wondering if there are any Lolitas who go to QUT or live around brisbane. Cos whilst getting lunch at uni, I spotted a lolita wearing a skirt with musical notes on it. You can imagine my shock, and the want for me to track her down. :3

Thanks for the help. :3 Its just that, this is the first lolita I have seen in my general area. >w<
Girl With A Rifle

Springfield, MO Lolita Meetup this Saturday!

This Saturday, April 11th, ayugrey and I are hosting a lolita meetup in Springfield, MO. We’re going to meet at the Olive Garden for lunch at 2:30, then head to a park and take pics before we finish off the meet with tea and coffee at a downtown coffee house.

We’d love to see you there! As I said, it starts this Saturday at 2:30 at the Olive Garden and goes to whenever!

Crossposted, apologies if you see this more than once!
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