April 7th, 2009


Reminder for Meetup in Florida

Just as a reminder, if anyone is interested in meeting up in Cape Coral, Florida, on April 11, thats saturday, leave a message.

Plans are to meet at
Reflections Park at noon for just a picnic. Its a small park, with just a picnic area. I thought I would do something small and quaint because it will be the first lolita meet up that I'm hosting. For details, message me!
junghwa balloons

I know this has been asked a million times but...

This is about the Bodyline heart buckle shoes again, yup. Even when I search I am only able to find this page: http://community.livejournal.com/egl/12823005.html#cutid1. But for the sizing, I figured that they add .5 cm for sock room. For someone with a 24.5 cm foot, is the 24 cm most appropriate? I would appreciate the input of the people that own them and about how they fit and how comfortable they are. Thanks. :)
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Pattern sheets

Hi, I would like to know if any of you ladies have Gosu Rori mook vol.11. Is there supposed to be one pattern sheet in it? Cause it certainly doesn't have all the listed patterns, that have instrustions inside the mook. 

Out and About in Georgetown Washington DC

misadesu  and I wanted to do some shopping this past Sunday and ended up going into Georgetown for the afternoon! And of course, in lolita xD!

So here are a few pictures of our adventures. Photos by candy_fields 
Warning! Image heavy! You can also click on them to view the larger versions.

"Tell us Francis... Which one of us do you like better?"

lol Francis Scott Key
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Thanks for looking!

Cute Cake

Photo Request! Looking for Card themed brand items.

In a few weeks we are having our Senior Party and I'd really love to wear Loli to it. Our theme revolves around Monte Carlo / Vegas so I figured I could get by with wearing an outfit that had card suits(hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds) on it or even cards.

I'm looking for JSK or OP photos. I don't care if they are stock or not as long as I know the name of it. ^_^ If you know the measurements that would be great as well!

Thanks so much!

Fabric pattern project and a bunch of questions

This may be an odd post, but here it goes...
I had this crazy idea of designing a fabric pattern and getting it printed (either at spoonflower (I think that's their name) or at a local screen-printing place) and then commissioning a seamstress to sew a jsk of my design out of said fabric (as I cannot sew to save my life.) I have a few questions about this before I attempt it.
Here they are, in no particular order:
Has anyone ever done something similar, and if so, how did it go?
Has anyone ordered from spoonflower before, and what is their fabric quality like?
If I go the screen-printing route, will the screen printing ink add stiffness to the fabric?
Are there any other ways to add a pattern to fabric that might be easier?
When I go to a seamstress, do I have to provide her with a sewing pattern, or would a drawing of what I want combined with measurements suffice?  And lastly...
Does anyone know of a good seamstress in Florida (Orlando/Tampa/ Kissimee)? Or someone (anywhere) who does outstanding work?
Thank you!!