April 3rd, 2009


Innocente Seraphim Presents: Lolita Sewing Classes!

Innocente Seraphim is pleased to announce a partnership with Cheryl Kuczek of Paradiso Designs and Quiltworks Northwest (in Bellevue) to being a series of lolita-focused sewing classes to the Seattle area. Cheryl has been sewing and teaching for a long time, and also has her own line of handbag patterns. She is excited to help girls learn to create their dream outfits.

There will be six classes, focusing on skirts, blouses, jumperskirts/dresses, purses (of course), jewelry, and accessories, in that order.

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I really hope to see some of you there! I'm going to be too busy for any of the April classes (cursed crunch time at work) but hopefully I can make the class on JSKs and dresses.

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NO MOAR RACE Sewing Challenge

sew_loli is holding its first official monthly sewing/design challenge! Enter to either create your best ever lace-free garment or an entire lace-free outfit in one month. If you win, you get bragging rights and a cute little digital certificate to post on your LJ. :)
If all goes well, there might also be contests with prizes and/or longer, more involved contests.

Click here or on the banner for the details of the challenge.
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Tekkoshocon starts tomorrow here in Pittsburgh, PA. Are any lolitas going to be attending?

If you are coming, please make sure to stop by the Artist's Alley and see
sweetsailormars  and i! We'll be selling lots of lolita goodies, including skirts, bloomers, bows, headdresses, and jewelry. We will have something for all styles so please come check us out!

Question about quality

I used the search function, but could not find the answer.
I decided to purchase some clothes from TaoBao store called HMHM. I noticed they make nice replicas of brand dresses through pictures. The dress on the picture looks well made, and so far I heard only positive reviews about TaoBao lolita sellers, but I could not find any information about this one.
So if anyone owns a dress from this store, could you please tell me, how is the quality like?
Thank you!

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Query about Snipping off In-Built Tulle

Hello all
I have bought a couple of Baby skirts and Metamorphose ones as well, and they all came with an in-built tulle underneath. I don't like the in-built tulle as it feels stiff and I'd rather have the flexibility on deciding what I want to wear under the skirt. I have been taking the tulle out, snipping off sections of the lining where it is impossible to work otherwise. Has anyone else also done that before? Also, do you think it is possible to sell the skirt down the road?
Thanks for your advice!