April 2nd, 2009

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Mashimaro Girl - in store

Some of you may know of our company Mashimaro Girl, we used to be just a TaoBao Shopping Service, and we have also been working on our own brand with another lolita company, Caracole Carousel that will be out later this Summer.  But, anyway, we got our first shipment of items in the store, we where so excited! So from 3 p.m. - close (9 pm)  we arranged the Lolita portion of the store. Words can not explain just how much Fei bought in China!! She had purses in purses in purses, purses with purses stuffed inside, then jewelry and trinkets stuffed in that purse. It was insane, and we have yet to unpack every thing! Anyways, here is the result of our unpacking in the store thus far:

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Purple hair heart

Fort Walton Beach Lolitas?

I'll be in Fort Walton Beach April 5th-10th, and I was just wondering if there were any lolita's around this area, and if there were any shops I should check out. I found one, ETC Treasures in Santa Rosa Mall that looks interesting for my sanrio/toki doki etc needs, but if there's any secret gems around please let me know! Also, of course if there would happen to be any meet ups around the time I'm there I'd love to peek in and say hello!


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i'm new to this community
i'm not new to lolita style&fashion
i've always liked it
but i guess i've developed a love for it now
(( ^ ______________ ^ ))

aaaand considering we're not allowed intro posts ( > U < )
i'd like to leave you with a drawing i thought this comm might like
( i hope you like it ... i wonder if it's lolita enough ?? XDD)

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Hello, I'm a 20 year old Photographer from London.

Sometimes I like to dress like a pirate/dandy. I wasn't too sure if that is allowed here, but I have seen some people posting similar things, plus there doesn't seem to be a living Dandy/Kodona community.

Probably not to everyone's tastes but hope you enjoy, and nice to meet you.

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Guides for newcomers.


It's been hard sifting through all those posts, and I'm nowhere near done, but I hope these help any new lolitas to understand where it's been and how things evolved, from the online standpoint. (I wish I had some of the conversations from the old lolitaSNAP! but alas.... *edit* hahaha im so out of it today)

Curly Hair

Hey girls!

I have been having a hard time lately when doing my hair. I have naturally curly hair that is an inch past my lower back when wet and two or so inches above my lower back when dry.

I don't want to cut it, I have been growing it for close to 13 years, but I can't think of any other styles but letting it air dry and wearing a headdress, what to do? Any Ideas?

Events for independent lolita designers?

I hae been a contract seamstress for a good long time now, and I would like to try doing a lolita/ victorian inspired line. Seeing the pictures from Dances of Vice ( by the way does anyone know when the next one is???) really got me into looking around for events or shows that allow independent designers some time on the run way.
Any event suggestions?
candy, fez

Writings and lyrics?

I know alot of us in the com have great talents like drawing and sewing. What I want to know is how many of you write often. And if you do, have you written anything about Lolita or Lolita-inspired?

Also, second part to my question. Also, from my observations, I see alot of us are just (for lack of a better word) hilarious as well as creative. Have any of you ever just taken a song and gave it Lolita lyrics? My current experiments are My Favorite Things (from the Sound of Music) and Diva by Beyonce.

I'm interested in hear about your writings and re-vamped lyrics, so do share!