April 1st, 2009


Decorari Photo Shoot

Decorarori Photo Shoot O(≧∇≦)O

( ゚▽゚)/ My friends and I got together for a decorori photo shoot! decora is our faaaaaavorite Japanese street frashion! We dress it all the time, but we also love lolita and try to combine the two as much as we can! I hope you enjoy our combination of elegant lolita and creative decora! ☆彡

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Wearing a beret

Hi girls,

I intend to dress Lolita for my birthday next week and will be wearing a beret for the first time. Yea, because I'm such a noob and don't want to end up being the butt of people's jokes, I need help on how to correctly wear one.


Is how I'm wearing it correct? Pardon my horrible no-makeup face.
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Looking for some pattern advice

Well I'm stuck off work due to prolinged illness and going out of my mine with bordom. I want to get sewing/creating again. I have a lovely sewing machine, and my mam's just given me her over locker (If only I had an embroidery machine to finish the set!)

As a result I trawled the pattern websites and came up with a few I like. However I'm unsure which ones would be best. My local sewing shop has a half price sale on patterns, so if I coudl decide I can possibly get a few bargins!

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Alternative paying systems

Good day ladies, once again I have question that needs your attention help me with my homework;) It's about alternative paying methods for online purchases - the online paying system Webmoney and direct bank transfers. I know most people use Paypal (I prefer it myself), but unfortunately to my situation - it doesn't allow incoming payments to my country. And since I was planning a lolita-related handmade online shop, I ask the target audience, are they using other payment methods. Either I start working with webmoney and bank transfers (if many people use them) or I'll start working on opening an account in a foreign bank.

UPD: And what about money orders? Does it sound fine for most people?

BtSSB in San Francisco & Lolita meet ups


I am from the central valley of California and I have two questions:
1.) Is anyone else from the central valley or bay area of California?
2.) Does anyone have more information about the BtSSB store in San Francisco?

I am so excited for the opening of the BtSSB store and can't seem to find any information that could tell me when it opens. I know they're looking for a manager (?) position, but that's about all I've heard.


So; I never got a calendar for this year besides a HUGE one that's more like posters than a calendar. Sinnncceeee many of you have similar taste to me... Have you seen any cute calendar in your time online? I want one that I have a lot of space to write on, and have been considering the BtSSB one but I'm not sure if you can hang it on a wall, or if it'd have enough room to write things on.
Thank youuu ^.^
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HELP! >,

ok, so a while back someone posted this interview of a few girls who dress lolita. there was a section where you could read the interview, and one wear you can listen to it. i wanted my mom to hear it because i think it explains lolita very well, but i think i accidentally deleted it from my favorites! D:
the only thing i can remember from it though is the interviewer asks one of the lolitas about why she wears the style and the girl answer something like, "you see all of these girls walk around in short, reveailing clothes." and she says something about being more comfortable in it.......?
i honestly cannot remember a lot of it. all i remember is thinking i was a great interview. i searched through the memories but i couldn't find it.
help please!

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