March 31st, 2009

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Hey pretty ladies,

I've a question re: Double-Decker... namely whether or not anyone's in the same boat as me. Back in early December, they were having their annual... sale, I guess. Where they were offering free shipping--either on orders over $100 or on every order, I'm a little fuzzy on those details now. Either way, that meant two pairs of shoes for $100, free shipping. I clicked my heels in a minor show of glee.

Well. That was back in December. Early December. April 1st is now pretty well nigh. And while we (my boyfriend and I) have been receiving intermittent emails about how they still need to make them/get wood, it's fast approaching stages of ridiculousness... or is it?

I've never done this before. Is this wait time really what I should be expecting for two pairs of rocking horse shoes? And if not, any thoughts on what on earth I should do?

Thanks all, any help really is appreciated, especially when we all know how often we relish yet another RHS post. :)
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Recieved Wrong Package from Miwitch

I've recieved someone's else's items from Miwitch.  I ordered in the January/February Lot.

I hope you don't mind, but I had to open them to see what the contents were.  And they are as follows:

A blue and green tartan longsleeve OP sized M with a mini hat.
A red tartan suspender skirt and vest sized M.

Does anyone have my package?  I ordered:
A black Arisu no Kuro OP with a shawl size L
A black stripes long sleeved blouse sized XL
A black Infanta underskirt

Please contact me right away if you've recieved a package like this!  This was my first time ordering anything loli from the Internet and my parents weren't very happy about it.  They would have just gotten over it if I recieved my items already but they've been paranoid about scams.

DC Sakura Matsuri Meet Up! Open to all DC/VA/MD lolitas and street styles!

It is also not too late to RSVP! The more the merrier! Remember, this is open to all J-street fashion styles!I We will be meeting at the carousel by the smithsonian.  More information here!
I posted a poll here to confirm a meet time for Sakura Matsuri, and at the moment, we have one vote for each time.  fishiesg0pook said that she will be there at 9:00am, and I will be there between 9:30 and 10:00, so be sure to vote.
Alessandro XVIII

Question for those who design their own fabric prints

I've drawn several fabric designs that I would like to get made into fabric, but I drew them on paper with a pencil. I have a theory on the steps I need to take to go about coloring the design and printing it on fabric. I don't know if there is a more professional or convenient way of doing this. So I was wondering how all of you do it and if I'm doing it wrong.

here is my theory:
1) draw design on paper with pencil
2) trace with a pen
3) scan it
4) open it in photoshop
5) trace over the black lines with colors, fill in colors and shade etc. with a tablet (in other words, color completely)
6) send into fabric printing company and place order

any input would be much appreciated.   :D
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EGL Photography/Modeling/Commercial Opportunities

I know there are a lot of lolitas who get some really nice photoshoots done.

Are there ever any fashion magazines or marketing opportunities for the the EGL realm in America? Or even Japan for American EGL? Gothic Lolita Bible interviews? Is there a place where people submit their work or a person to contact?

I think there was also a EGL newsletter that was looking for models some time ago. Does anyone remember who they were or where their website was?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

long time lurker

Long time lurker~

I'm a photographer and stylist 8D and I've wanted to share some of my friends photos that I took of him. yes. HIM.
I did the styling (makeup/hair and photography)
model: SHIN Project

outfit run down:
Corset: from
white blouse: Fan+Plus Friend
black pants (they look like a long skirt but I assure you, their pants haha): Fan+Plus Friend
Thigh-high boots: Demonia

Red coat: Fan+Plus Friend
Black Blouse: ??? iunno where he got it honestly lol
shorts: off brand

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Fairy Angel and International Orders

According to this page (at the very bottom) it seems as though Fairy Angel is no longer doing international orders through email (like Closet Child does them), instead it seems they are only doing international orders through the shopping cart.

They have a little guide about how to order using the shopping cart, but they also mention that you should only order through the shopping cart if you can speak Japanese.

Does this mean that from now on to order from Fairy Angel, we're going to need a shopping service? Has anyone tried ordering from them using this new system and done so successfully (without being able to speak Japanese)?

Thank you :)
Jack, Skellington, owndraw

Some Advice Please everyone? Thank you!

Hi, I'd just like to say that I'm really new to lolita, and tomorrow, I'm going to the States for my very first time. ^__^
I was wondering, is there anything lolita-related in New York?
I figured here would be the best place to ask.

My second question is that I've now started a shopping service (I'm based in Hong Kong, by the way :D).
What sort of fees would you consider reasonable?

Thank you all for reading these questions, it's really appreciated!
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Cute Cake

I would like your ladies opinions, please! :]

I have the opportunity to do silk-screening in art class and I really wanted to do a loli-based design. He wants us to do a fairly simple one for the first one and I really wanted your opinions on what kind of a design I should do? I need something that I can use just one to two colours. These would be put into a white t-shirt. (I'd love to do it in more colours if I could)

I need opinions on what you would like to see on a shirt that isn't too complicated. I'll post my finished work on here! Who knows if you like it, I may be able to sell the extras I do. ^_^  ( I want to try the design in pink, sax blue, and black)