March 30th, 2009

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Lolita, Make-Up, and You

So, I've noticed a commonatlity (Is that even a word?) among new-comers and oldbies alike: the reason you came into lolita was because of the confidence it gave you to look past your faults and see your beauties. But maybe, you don't want to only apply that beauty to your clothes, but to your skin as well, and don't because you have problem skin and/or don't know how to use it.

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Straw Hats

Recently, I've been trying to find a straw hat that will compliment my classic wardrobe. I am reluctant to shell out $78.15 for the straw hat on IW's site (here), mostly because I have this notion in my head that there's *got* to be a straw hat out there for cheaper. But alas, my google-fu has failed me miserably.

I cannot find the correct shaped hat anywhere. Like the hat on IW's site, most lolita hats are more of a flat, elongated, square-ish shape than a rolly-polly, dome, rounded shape. (I think VM had a completely square straw hat a while ago.)

I've tried google, etsy, amazon, the egl search function, and attempted to wade through ebay, but still cannot find the correctly shaped hat. The closest I got was this which has a roll brim, and this which has a much too wide brim. I'm tempted to buy one of them and unravel the weaving on the brim to get the correct shape, but I don't know how well that would end up working. But before I do that....

My question is, if you have a straw hat, where did you get yours? I feel like I'm looking in all the wrong places. =/ And also, if you own the IW hat (or a similar brand hat), how wide is the brim? The measurements on the IW site say that the horizontal length is 29 cm, but I have a feeling they mean the whole diameter, not just the brim.

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GLB pattern size question

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't seem to find anything...

I've seen the Tokyopop versions of GLB in English at my local Borders store and on I'm a British Loli so finding some items can be a bit hard.

What I'm wondering is what size/s does the pattern in the english version make? The Japanese ones I believe are slightly on the smallr sizer for Europans, but not quite sure what dress size.

Anyone able to help, as some of the items to make are perfect!

Suggestions for making this skirt lolita..

Hi, my this is my first post to egl. Hajimemashite. Forgive me if I'm not posting correctly.

I have this skirt. The shape is perfect for a lolita skirt, put a petticoat under it and it's done!
BUT unfortunately, it has this hideous rectangular stitchings on it, which ruins the whole lolita look. It's sewed on with a sewing machine, and disassembling all of it is too exhausting.

So I was thinking if you expert ladies (or gentlemen) that sew, could give me suggestions to cover up the stichings. Maybe put ruffles over it? Or make a bustle-over to cover it up? Any suggestions that could help please.


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Hair question?


I am new to this community though I have heard it is the most popular.
I am very glad to be apart of it. I have fairly thick curly hair (that is me below) and I was   wonderingng if I should be a true Lolita and get bangs. Most people tell me that I would have to straighten them every day and that bangs are only meant for people with straight hair.

Any curly hair Lolitas would like to share? Please I really need the advice!

Update with Rose Chocolat.

Just in case for those who do not get their e-mail updates, it seems that Rose Chocolat is sort of opening back up for business... however, for those who have to order the "special sizes" (i.e., US 10) cannot order any shoes at the moment. Apparently the reason being that they FINALLY have found the proper heel for the "special sizes". Soon there will be no more ugly wedges. However, the e-mail was not very clear for the rest of the message so you can decide what it says for yourself. Hopefully their service will improve very soon.

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Cyperous wigs survey, here's hoping to bring back Int'l shipping!

Hallo! I am Raiphin, and usually post on the lj cosplay community, but I'm working on something and got tipped that you guys might be interested. has really awesome wigs, but recently as some of you probably know they stopped to doing international orders, which made me super sad. I went to Japan for my semi-yearly trip last week and one of the things I did was hit up their physical store in Osaka....I knew they'd stopped shipping, but I needed my wigs!

At the store I ended up meeting the owner (!!!) which was awesome. He was actually really interested in me as a foreign buyer, and said that he wants to re-start international shipping and asked me (through my  boyfriend who was kind enough to translate, eheh) about my wig-buying tendencies and about the demand as I saw it in America and suchlike.

Anyway, he was super sweet and really wants to get international shipping going again, and I certainly want to help! So, I'm hoping if I ask a few questions around zee internet about what kind of demand there is for int'l Cyperous wigs I can get enough information back to him that it'll encourage him to open it up.

If you guys could check out the survey (I promise to make it short and sweet) that would be great, and I can update with whatever information  get back from him.

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feel free to respond here, or if you want e-mail the responses to KaitouJeanne (at)
And add anything else relevant you can think of, o'course.

Thanks a bunch! ^ - ^~
Here's hoping we can convince him to get it up and running soon!