March 29th, 2009

AP Sizing question

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Okay I have been in love with this dress ever since it was on reserve. The only thing is that AP sizing is so big =[
It says it's 35.43-38.58 in for the bust but I'm like 30 inXD would it fit me with the shirring?XDD
Thank you so much!!! =D (i've been wondering about this foreverXD)

You & Shoes [ POLL]

So I've been thinking about shoes and a business idea came into mind but obviously market research is in order. Thank you for those who participate!

{edit} for some reason you guys think I'm making shoes lol please don't think so much of me though it is an idea to introduce it around europe that business plan to me wouldn't happen for a few years! this is a different idea but i wanted to see if my plan would get anywhere

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Idea for Lolitas Everywhere - Loli Cards

I don't know if something like this has been suggested already, but I thought it would be really cool if we all had loli cards. The card would be printed like a business card and act as an 'ID' for those we cared to give it to. This idea stemmed from me having a bad memory and wishing I had something with everybody's real and lj name with photo so I would know who they are next time I met them. (I always feel I give people the 'cold shoulder' when it's just me not remembering we've met before.)

Ideally the loli card would have:
A Photo (A good photo that we will be able to match with you.)
Real Name (first only)
LJ Name
Email Address
Website URL
Phone Number (If you want, I usually don't give out my phone number unless I know the person)

Or it could be double sided - the back side could have a full bleed bust shot of you in lolita and the front can have your information. (But your face should be very visible - the point is to associate your name with your face.)

Business cards can be printed online pretty easily for cheap.(like mini moo cards!) I think it'd be a great way to get to know lolitas everywhere; especially when we go to conventions and have once a year meet-ups. I'm gong to make one even if no one else does. ^^;;;

Edit: Or if you aren't loli and wan to make a jrock/takuya angel/aristocrat/steampunk/etc card, it'd still be great to have the information!