March 28th, 2009


Sewing post!

I am not sure this is allowed, but I really wanted to share this with all of you.

A while back I had a photoshoot for my website with some new things. One of these things was this lolita style corset dress.

The outside pannels of the corset dress are full lenght pannels, and the corset part is made out of coutil and fused to the flower cotton. I lined the corset with a thin cotton for comfort. It has got 21 pieces of steel boning, waisttape and two piece nickel free grommets at the back.

I used a silk for the blouse, I know that silk is usualy not used in lolita clothing, but the color just matched so well. And I tought that a cream colored blouse would make the oufit a little boring.


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Lolita Etiquette

Ok so there is an annoying insect (by insect I mean person) in my orchestra class. often times he makes snide remarks when I am dressed in lolita attire. So I was wondering the standard etiquette that is used in the face of negative comments. I have a temper and really want to give him the finger but that is just unladylike (I have also contemplated beating him up, but he is underage and I am eighteen, I would get into a lot of trouble) How do other people tell the person they have gone too far without being crude or vulgar??
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Community - New Mods and Unfortunate News

Recently there have been some changes in the moderation team. We've welcomed in four new mods, idealia, harukoko, nessaneko and laila_astri. They did such a great job as sales community mods that we've also allowed them to be main community mods. Be sure to give these lovely ladies a warm welcome~

There have been some questions as to why two of the trial mods, talia_speaks and pancakebear, were not chosen to become full moderators, even though they seemed so active while on egl_comm_sales. As some of you may know, they left their moderator positions earlier this week. While we don't necessarily agree with all of their reasons for leaving, we understand that the job of being a moderator is a tough one and it's not for everyone.

Recently, however, it has come to our attention that there were several abuses of power on their part including, but not limited to, using IP addresses to promote drama and banning members out of personal vendettas. While it is within the moderator's duties to find alternate aliases of known trolls, the way these two trial mods handled the information they found was inappropriate for thier postitions in the community. Obviously we don't support their actions, and we have been trying to undo the damage they've done over the past couple of days. It's taken us a bit longer than we had hoped to decide what to do with regards to the ex-trial-mods themselves, but we've settled on a one month ban from the sales community.

If you believe you or anyone you know was banned unfairly please alert myself or one of the mods through a private message. Additionally, all members should feel free to bring any and all problems to the moderation team, particularly concerns about community policies, personal feelings, suggestions, and so forth.

- The Moderation Team
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Body Line Contest Winners?

Has anyone who was chosen in the recent Bodyline design contest ever been contacted by Bodyline etc. yet?
I'm curious since supposedly, my shoe design was chosen. Thanks! or are they going to pick out more designs out of the all, and only make those? or not even contact us at all?

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Another positive review for Professionalonly

A few weeks ago there was a review for a pink wig from Professional Only. After reading it and seeing the photos of the lovely wig, I decided to get this one. Like the other reviewer, I think that the color is different than how it appears in the seller's photos. It's much more golden, which pleasantly surprised me. It feels soft and realistic, and I like it more than the wigs I've ordered from Amphigory. It exceeded my expectations, and I'd definitely order again.
I'm wearing it to a work party tonight, it'll be interesting to see what my coworkers think of me as a blonde!

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Translation of the handbook to German

It took ages, but it’s finally online.
Don’t ask me how long ago I asked for permission to translate the famous lolita_handbook to German, as I had noticed that so many things that were said to German speaking beginners wouldn’t need to be said if they’d be able to read the handbook. So I started translating, got distracted by real life, translated again, had to wait ages until I found something who didn’t only said they would proof read it but would actually do it (thank you, Mirine!) and then it still waited on my boyfriend’s pile of things to do until he found the time to make a homepage out of it :)
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Enough talked – here’s the German translation for the Lolita handbook to hopefully be read, linked to and be useful:
x-posted to egl, egl_europe and a few pages outside LJ.
Should you find any mistakes that we didn’t noticed or have any other feedback about it feel free to comment :)