March 27th, 2009

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Copying brand design?

I tried doing an EGL search on this, but came up with nothing, so here we go;

How do you feel about copying brand designs? I'm not talking about Bodyline or F+F making replicas of Angelic Pretty etc. but just a regular girl, seing a design she likes and making her own replica of that?
I'm not sure how I feel about it myself... I've never made a replica before, but lately I'm finding myself wanting myself this skirt and I have some materials home, so in theory I could do it.
I dunno, I'm normally very against any direct copying. I'm an artist myself, and I hate art theft and calling someone else's design your own.
I would never go and copy a members own design ( like, I love the loli-with-t-rex print a member made not long ago, but I'd never dream of making it myself) but then, is it any different to copy off a brand design? Is it all about whether or not you're making any money on copying a brand? (it's ok if it's just for yourself, but if you intend to make it for sale, then it's wrong etc.)

Yeah anywho, I hope I was clear enough in my question.


Stories and books

Good day to all. I need some help in finding some books or short stories, that can be illustrated in a somewhat lolita manner or give inspiration for "based on" comics. The Grimm fairy-tale theme is rather old, so is Alice. In Russian literature there isn't much, so I'm seeking for some European stories (english or translated to it). Not straight "true-lolita", but something strange, unusual or morbid... I want to try both something fun and something creepy.
Not sure if I got my point across, but I'll be grateful for any titles ot authors I could search for more directly.

UPD: Songs would be interesting too - with a plot, or just a idea\twist.

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Has Mai, or Celga, or Crescent shop, or your shopping service that you regularly use, etc. ever given you the wrong dress? Like... COMPLETELY THE WRONG DRESS??

How did you deal with it? Just asking to see if I'm not alone and to hear your stories as well.

As for me, I was supposed to get the Black Miricle Candy JSK with the border print along the bottom, but Mai gave me the ruffled tier one. :| I look like an over-iced cupcake. In a bad way. Not to mention I'm really little, so this dress is swimming on me with the back shirring.

So yeah, what did you end up doing? Just selling it? Talking to your service about it? Learning to love your dress in time? Burning it at the stake?

Do share your shopping service horror stories and relate the best services you've encountered. D:
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Kai Monster

checking for poof.

I'm bouncing back and forth on the two candy violet petticoats. lace vs fluffy. More so how they look under btssb, meta, and ap skirts, ops and jsks.

my current petti the 33 dollar bodyline one needs to be replaced, it poofs out my baby skirt nicely but is unnoticeable under my meta jsk and my other skirts.

I'm looking for moderate poof, not extreme poof.

advice? owner pics?

thank you.

Edited: I bought the white lace one, Thank you for your input!

innocent world reservation question

I recently got a shopping service to do a reservation for me at Inncoent World. Innocent world says on its website that delivery dates are between x-y of May and that the person who reserves must then appoint a date for delivery. Does this mean that the shopping service must contact them and not just wait for them to deliver? Will they cancel the paid reservation if the shopping service forgets to contact them? Hope someone with experience may share! Thanks very much!