March 26th, 2009

sewing- polka dots and cupckaes!

  EDIT: im pretty live journal retarded.. i have no idea why there are three cuts but its probably a good idea to click the first one. lol. :D

so ive been feeling a little creative lately and ive made two things which im particularly proud of. im in the middle of making a poodle dress too but im having visitors so thats going to be a little delayed so i will share that at a later date.


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WARNING - ajisaiareku IS A SCAMMER.

Remember that one girl that caused all those chargebacks a while ago? ( darkrose13/kimiko_chan09/azaelian )
Well, she's back.

I did some digging on GaiaOnline, Livejournal and DeviantArt, and I found that ajisaiareku is that same person as darkrose13/kimiko_chan09/azaelian!

She bought an AATP dress from me, and waited until I announced that I shipped it, than caused a chargeback on Paypal.
She has apperantly done this to several other ladies on the sales_comm.

She refuses to answer my emails / lj messages and Gaia PMs.

If anyone lives near this person or knows her, could you please talk to her and ask her what the hell she's doing?

Also, is there anything I can do to report her to the cops or the FBI or something? This has gone on long enough with her, I want to see her stopped.

I can provide proof of my accusations if anyone would like me to put it up.

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Kanazawa Baby

Hello Ladies,
I was wondering if any of you lived near/in Kanazawa or knows where the Baby store is and how to get there? I recently moved to Toyama and the closet baby store is the one in Kanazawa and I want to go ( to get the new AatP jsk that I need like a whole in the head, lol) Anyway if anyone could help that would be great.

Reserving with Mary Magdalene? // EDITED with another question!


I used the search function but surprisingly came up with nothing? Please correct me if I'm just... terrible at using the search function.

I wanted to reserve something from Mary Magdalene. I used the little order form they have on the "overseas" page. I sent it to them about 3 days ago and haven't gotten a response yet, so I'm now wondering if maybe I did it wrong o_o;

I just want to make sure I went about this the right way. Was I supposed to use the overseas order form, or is there a separate "reserve" form I can't find? Has anyone else reserved with Mary Magdalene since they started overseas orders? How did it go? What can I expect? Is there a proper guide to reserving and ordering from MM that I've missed? ^^;

Thank you!


EDIT: While I'm here I'd like to ask.

Does anyone know anywhere I can find shoes like this:

Somewhere online would be perfect XD;;;
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Good afternoon, everyone! I've just got a quick question today.

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Having looked through the memories and used the search function, I was able to find a lot about having children and wearing Lolita, but not actually wearing it during pregnancy, so I hope some of you can advise! Thank you to anybody who can!
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Can't find particular shoes? *answered thank you*

(I'm kinda new too this so please delete if not right ^^'')

Hi everyone, I found a previous entry that had a girl asking for con. crit. of her shoes, and asking if they would go with a lolita outfit.  I really like them and have seen them in a few decora outfits and some rare lolita ones too and I am wondering does anyone know what they are called?  They are slight platforms with Black and White checkers, (I think it is), I would have a picture too show you guys but alas, I don't know what the name is DX. 

*I will also see If I can put this under a LJ cut as soon as I know how lol*

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Question of where to buy

Hello, I apologise if this has been asked before (I'm guessing it has) but I was unable to find anything in the memories or FAQ and had no idea what exactly to search for in the search bar.

I was wondering if there was anywhere that sold brand clothing and accessories other than the sales community here, eBay, Y!Japan or Closet Child? I'm specifically looking for hair accessories and socks by Angelic Pretty in older prints and wanted to know if there was anywhere else I could widen my search to.

I'm in the UK so I'd obviously want places that ship to here.

Thank you for any information you can offer me! ^^

hong kong

while i'm in hongkong i thought i'd update the info here

3rd floor CTMA  (兆萬中心) mongkok
if you dont point at those chinese words to look for that mall no one knows that mall by english name ie. CTMA
isn't there any more i searched the whole building
but i did find another one in the same mall in the back forgot which store kinda of hime gyaru and fone deco store they do carry some bodyline stuff

Baby cupid
shop G23 ground floor GALA (chinese word = ga lok) 56 dundas ST mong kok kowloon h.k.
there is like 3 or 4 pieces 2 blazers by victorian maiden and 2 JSK by beth
they're on sale  which ammounts to buying from VM store w/o shopping service + shipping

shop 130 king wah centre 628 Natha Rd. Mong Kok HK
decent stuff more punk lolita and aristocrat like

Shin no city (could not find)
F123 - F123B (secound floor)
both in mongkok centre ( mongkok station exit B2)
F123 store is basically smth that looks better then bodyling its like ebay clothing from china
decent stuff
around there is tons of loli shoes near by they're all like stuff from lola loli? na na smth from ebay
very chunky loli shoes
got ur whites / blk and whites/ pink and whites shoes

sexpot revenge store
I went to both tsu sa jui(sp?) and causeway bay
they're never open, i'm pretty pissed
to me it looks like they dont want any buisness and the location is hard to find to
it looks like to me from all the letters and mail junk they have clipped to the door, they haven't been open for a LONG TIME

SOGO department store in causeway bay
they have
h.naoto hangry and angry
super lovers
mezzo piano
and grand opening liz lisa (loli esque stuff)

you can expect prices to be a lil more then original price from their japanese websites