March 25th, 2009

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Under skirt and JSK pattern question.

I went browsing through the Memories and tutories and found this entry
In it the lovely chiaki_ayumi said they would be doing a similar tutorial on how to make the under skirt, but I cant seem to find it.

I love the pleated/ruffled/bustle underskirts, but as yet haven't found tutorial or pattern to really help me.

Does anyone know of a good one? Possibly even the one mentioned in the afore mentioned post?

Also in the tutorial section there is reference to a JSK (web link
However the pictures have all been removed. Anyone know another good tutorial/pattern I could use?

thanks for any help

meet up in south florida

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to host a meet up in Cape Coral Florida (south Florida), at Pops cafe and Reflections park. Is April 10th or 11th good? Its the first days before Easter (April 12), if thats not a problem. I'm only down in Florida from April 10th through the 17th, I leave on the 18th, back to Michigan. Thats my spring break. So, is the date fine? Any tips or advice? It's my first Lolita meet up that I'll be hosting.
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QUESTION ON Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette Series

Hello all
Sorry if this question is silly, but does the AP Rose Toilette series have accessories such as tote bags which shows the perfume bottle print? I am after accessories with the rose toilette print but I don't fancy wearing the rose toilette print on me. I wonder if you know? Kindly share any information that may be useful, thanks!

Petticoat Question! -Answered! Thank you!-

I just bought and received (my first!) petticoat, online. The part that lends poof is made of a synthetic  netting-type material, and underneath there's a satin-y  slip. It's gorgeous and fits very well... The only problem is that it's FAR poofier than I originally thought when looking at the pictures- it stands out about 90 degrees around my waist all around (whereas in the pictures it looked like it had a regular cupcake shape). Is this normal for a new petticoat, and if so, will it "calm down" with time? The petticoat also appears to be all crinkled up (probably from being shipped), but I'm afraid of ripping it by stretching the wrinkles out. Is there any safe way to do this?

I'd very much appreciate any help or advice the more experienced lolitas could lend me!

Thank you!
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"Pirate-y" Hairstyles?

Hi everyone~

I recently got this AatP skirt in the mail, and I'm running into a rut trying to come up with hairstyles that could work for this. My biggest issue is that I don't have a matching Alice bow (in either black or pink) so, I kind of want to try and compensate for it somehow. Maybe curls? French braids?

I was also wondering if there were any stock photos of AatP ads that I might root around for ideas?

Any suggestions would be great!

Thank you!

Question about Bodyline shipping[answered thank you!]

Hai =)
I'm Julie, first time posting in EGL community and I have a question.
I've just recently purchased a skirt and a blouse and on the site. First purchase YAY <3
It's being shipped with DHL in 3 days. (March 28, 2009)

I'm a bit worried, I have to admit. The reviews were horrendous.
Has anyone ever has problems with shipping from bodyline? How long does it usually take for something from bodyline to ship to the US?
I'm sorry if this question is redundant >_<

Thank you very much!

-julie =^^=
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