March 24th, 2009


is this unreasonable to ask a seamstress?

i figured i'd ask in here before posting a wtc on the sales community, just in case this really is too tall an order (no pun intended).

i need a bxw blouse or cutsew for a meetup in ~3 weeks. problem is, i'm not going to get one that fits unless i commission it. i'm a bit - what are we calling it now? lovely sized? yeah, i'm that. :D now, you're probably wondering why i've waited so long, when i've known about this meetup for weeks (i'm the one organizing it). i just didn't have the funds before this week (and, in fact, i still won't have them for another day or two).

so, here's the question - if i were to post a wtc for a bxw detachable-sleeve blouse/cutsew that fits my ample measurements (42" bust, 34" waist, 14" shoulder-to-shoulder, 17" back neck to waist), could i expect to find a seamstress who could do so by the second week in april? or is three weeks not enough time?

baby shoes photo request

Hi, I've been looking for some cute lolita shoes for some time now, but lately all the new models just aren't pretty enough to me to pay the price for them. The only ones I've come to like were two types from Baby so I would be very happy if someone who has them (in any color) could post their own photos of them, while wearing them and stuff.

These are the shoes:

Also, this is my first post in any livejournal community, so if I made some terrible faux-pas please let me know.
Thank you ^^
catreece wings

What do you look for in an Artist Alley?

I'm brainstorming a bit for my Artist Alley table I plan on having at Youmacon this year, and I want to expand my wares to things the Lolita crowd would be into, as I'm getting more and more into it myself.

To the con-goers, what would you like to see at an Artist Alley table? I want to stray away from main outfit points (dresses/skirts/blouses/etc) and go more for accessories and such.

Previously at Artist Alley (I've only done it twice, once at Acen last year, once at Youmacon last year), I've done drawing commissions (which I plan to continue--examples of my artwork) as well as various drawings/paintings I've done (mostly fanart), earrings, backpacks of my own character (which actually went over much better than expected XD), wood-burnings (boxes and plaques).
I've been thinking of doing like small handbags (some with a Lolita/video game theme (odd combo, I know, but I have some good mental pictures), others with like a sweet Lolita theme (painted/beadwork cupcakes and animals and such), maybe some Lolita-esque eye patches (someone suggested this once before and I thought it sounded like a really cool idea), maybe some sock toppers/wrist cuffs, bun wraps, and I'd like to break into etched glass too (though I'm not sure what to burn that would be Lolita-esque, short of like some sweet Loli-themed glasses or something)..
I want to do things you don't normally see (so no mini top hats or anything like that, I usually see at least three or four booths with those), or things that in your opinions you don't normally see done well. My skillset isn't limited to just drawing or just sewing or anything like that, I've a broad range and welcome challenges (and obviously anything I make, I'll have a large variety of styles/colors).

What would you like to see?
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Where do you get your brand updates?

I used to subscribe to Petit Four Press which was an awesome blog that kept me up to date regarding any new releases / sales / upcoming reservations / etc. for brands. Now that the blog is sadly gone, I wanted to know if there are any other communities / blogs that do the same thing? I liked that her blog was brand agnostic... is there anything out there that is like this?

Lolita Dream Houses

I remember a while back there was a post about lolita bedrooms and everyone posted some really cool pictures. I used the search function, and I didn't see any post about lolita dream houses. I know this is fairly unrelated, but topics like this have been fun in the past.

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(if this is completely stupid, I can delete it D: )
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Chinese lolita tailor?

I remember someone posted these really beautiful Victorian Maiden/Innocent World replicas made by a chinese lolita brand. I thought it might be Surface Spell, but I can't find all of their pictures / where to buy from. I know a shopping service is needed.
Help please? <3

Shipping question.

I was wondering about shipping from Japan to the US via Airmail. ^^
How was your package sent to you? Did you have to sign anything when it was dropped off and is there anything weird where you have to provide your social security number/ other private information?

Also, where does it go? Does it go straight to the hands of USPS?

Thanks. ^^
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