March 23rd, 2009


Black Alice's Tea Party

Black Alice hosted a tea party yesterday at Marche and it was great fun! The two hostesses, yueqian and aserett worked hard and devised 'Lolitionary' for the guests, which was a blast to play! Basically it's pictionary with a lolita influence, lol. It was really funny and cute to see roris trying to depict lolita-centric terms through drawings!

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PotC Compass

What do you consider to be "Brand"?

I ran a similar poll about a year ago, I'd like to see if opinions have changed since then. Basically which of the brands mentioned below do you consider to be the "Lolita" concept of "Brand"? The most interesting result from the last time I ran this poll was that Metamorphose was only considered brand by around 60% of respondants. I've left them out of this poll in favour of some international brands.

Which of the following do you consider to be "Brand"?

Candy Violet
Fan plus Friend
Anna House
Montreal (shoes)
Rose Chocolat
Surface Spell
Emily Temple Cute/Shirley Temple
Jane Marple
Vivienne Westwood
Secret Shop (shoes)
Lolita Lola (shoes)

Prize Winners from Volumes 3 and 4 of the US G & L Bible - Please Read! GOOD NEWS!

I have confirmation as to the status of our prizes! Long story short: I personally know an editor at Tokyopop (not directly involved with the G & L Bibles but they have been with the company for almost 5 years) and I emailed them as to the status of the prizes Sunday evening.
They got back to me this morning saying that our prizes had been shipped out at the end of last week, presumably by UPS Ground.
So now it's just a matter of who's going to post here first when their package arrives.

Black Alice Tea Party Drawings!

Hi hi! Some of you might have read the entry about Black Alice having a tea party last Saturday =D yueqian and I were the hosts for the game Lolitionary - pictionary with a loli twist. After the tea party, some of the tea party attendees and other roris came down to Black Alice. And since we had a decent crowd, we let them play a few rounds of it as well! Due to certain requests, we took photos of some of the drawings and post it up here!

(sorry that some of the drawings from the back of the page seeped through and ruined the front drawing ): )

Mini preview! Answer at the end!

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San Jose Tea 3/28

It was close but tea had the most votes. We will defiantly have meetups at the Academy of Sciences and the Boardwalk some time soon.

Where: Lisa's Tea Treasures
When: Saturday March 28th
Time: Early afternoon, probably around noon. Will check with tea house tomorrow for available times left

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