March 20th, 2009

Chicago Ritz Carlton Mother's Day Tea Meetup


Join the Chicago girls for a tea to celebrate Mother's Day! May 17th, we'll be treating our dear mums to a lovely tea at the Ritz Carlton, and we've still got open space. Deposits aren't due until April 1st, and full payment is available up until May 8th. Come even if you can't bring your mom and share someone elses :D The Ritz is more than enough reason for a trip out in your best outfit, they know us well there and they're always extremely accommodating. Pictures will be taken around the hotel as usual, and out-of-towners are always welcome!

For pictures of our past Ritz Teas, check out the following:
December 2008 Ritz Christmas Tea
April 2008 Ritz Spring Tea
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"Merry Poppins" in Gothic Lolita gear

I've just came across a video clip that contains a certain fashion we all know and I thought you'd be interested in seeing this (there are two versions of it though)!

Actually I don't know anything about this Russian girl band, so I can't tell you anything else about them. But see yourself!
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Treating Stains (Non-Colorfast Fabrics)

I tend to handwash my lolita clothes, brand or homemade, simply because I don't trust the machines. Except, oddly, when I went to handwash my Swan Lake skirt from Baby, it turned the water in the sink and in the shower where it drip-dried a bright, bright pink. Apparently, the reds/pinks weren't as colorfast as I thought they would be, and so now there's a light pinkish tint over everything in the skirt, especially around the gathered parts of the waistband. I used freezing cold water and only a little bit of detergent.

Is there a way to fix this? Should I try taking it to a drycleaner?

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Austria from Hetalia

Quick question about socks or the lack thereof.

If for a casual loli co-ord, are *long socks really necessary? Over where I am, the heat is a killer and I think more people are going to stare at knee length socks more than a full blown loli outfit. XD

Thank you in advance!


*long= over where I am, that means longer than ankle length.
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Art Post: DMC Lolita Parody

I've posted before the designs for my Devil May Cry Lolita parody, but since then I've change the designs. I've also started working on them ((a while ago)) and I'm almost finished with them.

The only two I'm making this year is Dante -from DMC 4- and Nero.

Here is the Nero Design ((and sorry for the bad scanning. ^^;))

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