March 19th, 2009

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Skirt Fullness

Hi everyone! I've been having this discussion with some of my friends concerning the proper fullness of a typical lolita skirt, and I'm curious to hear other opinions on the issue.

What I notice in most of the photos (both brand and personal) of skirts and dresses, is that they don't really flare out that much at the hem. That is to say, they're wide enough to comfortably accomodate a petticoat, but that's where it ends. I know the suggestion for sewing is often to simply take your waist measurement and double or triple it for your hem circumference, but even three times my waist seems so restrictive. I mean, it *looks* fine, don't get me wrong, but am I the only one who prefers a bit more swish to their skirts? As someone who makes their own lolita clothing, this means I have a hard time judging the amount of fabric to buy as I can never decide if I'm being a little over the top with the amount of fabric in my skirts. This is also one of the reasons I have a hard time justifying spending so much money on some of the brand dresses or skirts I keep eyeing -- I'd hate to spend all that money only to have it not be as full as I'd like it.

So, I'm terribly curious to know what other people's personal preferences are. I'm not really asking what the Standard Lolita Fullness is, only what you would prefer in your own wardrobe given the choice and assuming that the fuller a skirt is, the more fabric goes into it, and the higher the price of the skirt/dress.

Poll #1368034 Skirt Fullness

How full do you like your skirts?

About 2-3 times my waist, just enough to give me that mushroom shape over my petticoat.
Well over 2-3 times my waist, I want my skirts to swish slightly when I turn.
I take one good spin and my skirts eat small children.
I don't have a preference, I'll buy the skirt regardless of fullness if I like the style enough.
Other (please expand in comments).
Thanks in advance everyone! :)

18th century bewbs

I checked the memories and stuff. So this might be a really dumb stupid fappy question, but... I wanna start wearing lolita really super often and use as much "old fashion" stuff as i can... So... What must i do about a bra? Do i buy a whole lot of corsets, or just give up and not wear one? What do you girls do? *EDIT* Here's a better question. I don't rate that my bra matches my bloomers, so what can i wear thats super cute, super comfortable, that matches my bloomers and gives me a happy loli feel, besides a bra?
*EDIT EDIT* Why do you okes keep asking what am wearing under my bloomers? You're such pervs :P :P :P, :) :) :). Ok... Lemme try once more. If there was a girl, who had averagely sized boobies that wore Lolita, but is allergic to bra material *hypothetically speaking*... (i dunno what that is either), what else can she wear that'll keep her boobs from flapping and still be cute enough to run around in should the need arise?

>>heh, ok guys, i get the bra material allergy is lame, but i lacked a better thing to say. Don't be so critical, i often say stupid things to get my point across.
So better- if i should ever want to go to a fancy dress party and i want to wear my bloomers, what would i wear on top if i was, say, going as a little girl wearing pajamas from long ago. Is this better? If is nonsensical i apologise, but i've never made much sense.
Oh, and i promise i'll always wear a bra and undies under my bloomers. *pinki promise*
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Lolitas around Orlando

Well, in a few hours (about 1:00) I'll be heading up to Orlando. I go about once every year with my family and I like to look around. But I feel as though I miss quite a bit. So my question is, are there any nice sites I should keep a look out for (y'know, from a Loli-interest perspective...) I know some of you go to Orlando or even live around there, so if there's anything nice up there, what would they be? (LOL besides Disney World.... which I know I'm not going to....)

Where did the AatP items disappear to?

Hello there,

I'm sorry if this question sounds stupid. Like every so often, BABY cleans up their website stock. Well, today as I was making my morning Lolita websites tour, I noticed AatP removed -a lot- of the stock they had. What happens to this stock? Is it still available in-store? Or are they going to sell them in a huge sale like last time...or maybe Lucky Packs? I don't know, but I was drooling over their mini-shorts and I really would like to get my hands on a pair. Is there a way to still buy them, as I clearly remember they weren't sold out?

tl;dr, do you know what happens to the items that are removed from BABY's website?

Thank you for your time!
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New Community: Lolita Round Robin Project

Announcing a new community and writing project, roriroundrobin!

For those that don't know, a "round robin" is a story that is written by multiple authors. It is passed around from author to author, and each adds a chapter, and the story can change wildly from the original author's plan.

If you're interested in helping to write lolita-related stories, please join and sign up to write a chapter!

Everything you need to know should be already up there on the community, but if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let me know!

EDIT: Oh, there's also a poll concerning what you'd like to see in the project. I appreciate any input.

(Posted with permission from emiko.)
Lauren Albert


Sup EGL. I went to a gothic bellydance event, my pals and I where in a performance, we took a bit of time, and had a mini shoot. Don't you just love it when your friend is a photographer? I sure do!

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Moi-meme-Moitie: Sizing

I've been interested in a few Moitie pieces as of late, but it seems that browsing through all the Moitie online stores I can think of, a lot of them do not specify waist sizes.

So my question is - can you tell me what kind of waist sizing I should be expecting when the item is specified as a size 2? A size 3?

I'm pretty sure it will differ per item - blouses, JSKs etc - but a general range of measurements would be good too.

Am interested in the following items:

Thank you. :)
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MAM Lovely-sized

MAM (remember them?) seem to have introduced a limited plus size line with "Lovely(ゆったり)" sized clothes. Yuttari means loose or spacious so I think plus sized is what they're going for.

I'm not really a fan of the JSK but I'm thankful they're going in that direction and I'll be darned if "Lovely-sized" isn't the silliest euphemism ever.

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first post and pictures :D

so my younger sister has to do a magazine for school and she has chosen to do her magazine on gothic and lolita fashion since she has a perfectly willing lolita living in the same house as her. so a few weekends ago she asked if she could take some pictures and i said okie dokie. they turned out okay so i thought i would share. :)
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