March 18th, 2009


BtSSB Marie Antoinette JSK Measurement Help


I've checked the search function before posting and couldn't find a good answer, so now I'm posting it! ^^;

I want to purchase BtSSB's Marie Antoinette JSK, but I'm unsure of the min/max bust/waist measurements of the jumperskirt. I know it's shirred, but exactly how much? I couldn't really find a clear answer to the maximum measurements so I hope you guys can help me!

Thanks in advance!

First loli 初ロリ

Hello everyone!
My name is Lisa. I am a new lolita and this is my first post in EGL!
Last weekend it was very sunny and nice out so my boyfriend helped me to take some pictures.
Please let me know your comments or constructive criticism!

I think he is a very good photographer ♥

Somehow there ended up being a lot of pictures...;;

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Fabric color question

Hello! I posted here a couple times a few years back, with a pink JSK that I made myself. Recently, I decided to add some stuff to it, and I wanted some green fabric, since I think pink and green look nice together. I couldn't really find any shades that were closer to mint, so I picked out another green that looked cute, but now... I'm having second thoughts.

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Secret Shop Ballerina Sandals

     Hello all! This is my first post here...I play Poupee Girl, it's really sparked my interest in Lolita fashion.  I've been lurking around this community and learning a lot.  I've decided to make my first lolita item purchase, the secret shop open toed sandals.  I've searched and read as much as I could but I still have a few questions, and was wondering if you could help me.  If this kind of post isn't allowed, I apologize!
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A little project of mine completed...

The Angelic Pretty Toy Parade series is quite possibly my favorite AP print. I love the colors, the design, everything. So, considering I've had way too much time on my hands lately (my hours were cut back at work) I started a little project. I found a little miniature rockinghorse second hand for about 8 dollars, and decided to make it into a replica of the rockinghorse from the AP print! I know, I'm such a dork. But it was fun, and I think it turned out pretty cute considering I'm no professional artist. I thought some of you here on EGL might enjoy seeing it.

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Bodyline Question!

 As you may or may not have noticed they posted some new OPs. They have been up for about a week now. I was considering buying the all white one and making some changes to it but I couldn't decide. So today I look again, and notice that the OP has gone from $58 to $78. In fact all five colorways increased in price by $20. Were they on sale before and I just happened to miss it or did Bodyline seriously just raise the price randomly? Shipping fee is still $34, so it isn't some kind of compensation tweak. Is Bodyline known to do this?

Answered! Thanks! A question about lace


I was hoping that someone here could give me some advice on a dress I just purchased!

I recently bought a handmade Gothic Lolita dress that I really like! It fits me perfectly, is the proper length and just feels wonderful to wear.

The only problem is: it has a-lot of lace.

It's not completely covered in lace, but the white lace that was used for the detailing is very wide and slightly scratchy.

I don't want to swear off this dress that I really like because of lace that I may be able to fix, but I don't know how to go about doing it.

Should I remove it and sew on a thinner line of lace?
And if so, does anyone have any advice on how to go about doing it?
((I've never sewn lace before, and advice would really help!))

Thank you in advanced!

Off-brand Sailor Lolita...?

God, I hope I don't doom myself by posting this.

Okay, for those of you who don't know, the webstore ChicStar has been doing "Gothic Lolita" clothes lately... and they're not really Lolita at all. (Typical...) But recently, they just came out with something that actually looks like it could be Salior/Navy Lolita...

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Do you think this could be Sailor lolita if you put a petticoat under it? I hardly see Sailor Lolita anywhere, even here on EGL, so I personally am not very sure what defines the style...
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