March 17th, 2009

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millefeuille vs millefleurs

I've noticed a problem with the name of this Angelic Pretty print:

millefeuille op

Some people call it Ichigo Millefleur(s) and some call it Ichigo Millefeuille. This post is just to set the record straight that the actual name is Ichigo Millefeuille. XD

"Mille feuille" is a type of dessert. "Mille fleurs," on the other hand, means "a thousand flowers or a pattern of many different colorful flowers, leaves and vines." It's also the name of a brand.

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Old AP and Baby Photo Request

I'm working on the "History of Lolita" portion of the presentation for the Sakura-Con Lolita Fashion Show, and I wanted to show some of AP's really, really old designs. Like, from when they were first founded. Same with Baby. I have no idea where I should look or what I should be Googling for, though. I thought I remembered seeing a post about this on EGL a while ago, but I may have hallucinated it.

Because photo requests are lame, here is a picture of my cat with a bow 'shopped onto her head.


Thanks in advance!

Shopping service help?

Hi everyone
I already consulted the list of compiled shopping services, but I couldn't really find what I was looking for, so I hope it's okay to ask this.
There are some hairties and other accessories from other brands like Jayro and L'est Rose that I think could go with Lolita coordinates, but I couldn't find anyone who would be able to specifically shop instore for non-loli brand items. I can't use webshop services because the items I want are already sold out on

If anyone can refer to me someone on LJ who can help me out, that'd be great. =)
Thank you ♥

bird wire


*edit* if anyone doesn't want to bother registering for this pattern, go ahead and PM me your email address, and i will send you the .pdf

hey ladies, i was browsing the internet for patterns of things i have no money to buy the fabric to make, and came across this cute little blouse that might interest a few of you.

short description from the site: "...simple yet sophisticated design as well as the pattern's adaptability to home sewing. The simple ruffles and delicate puffed sleeves make the top perfect for date night, but the fit and collar make it also perfect to wear to work!"

plus, the pattern is free!! burdastyle always has great patterns, and even the ones that aren't free are rarely over 4-5 USD. i've never been disappointed. :D

enjoy!! ^___^
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Bag meme

First of all; yes I know this topic isn't new and there's been more than one subject like this one, but the last time was a pretty long time ago so I though why not a new one!

So ladies, please share your lolita bags and its contents with the rest of us!
(I don't have a picture of mine at the moment, but I'll try and take one tomorrow).

P.S. Mods, if this isn't allowed anymore please just delete it. And sorry for my crappy english ^^'