March 15th, 2009

Lolita commandments

I would like to know what people feel are absolute no no's when dressing lolita and thought it would be funny if we made them into commandments--and hopefully wont offend anyone--so here is mine: "Thou shalt not use crappy lace". That has been seared into my brain to the point that I'm sure I have mumbled it in my sleep.

Maybe a stupid question....

I was looking at Meta's sale items and noticed next to the sale price "This item doesn't qualify for points."
...does Meta have a loyalty/reward system? Im clueless, I have never bought directly from Meta, or have even been to sale page.
I looked it up on egl search to no avail, so sorry if I missed something. 

EDIT: ANSWERED! Thanks. One more though. Is it per transaction, or does it accumulate? (Not the points but, for example, I spend 2500 yen (Yeah RIGHT!) and then, next time I shop I spend 2500, do I get one point?)

beautiful boy on a beautiful dancefloor

HALP! artist in need of non(c) inspiration/resources.

Okay so. After battling a month of mono, I finally got my balls back and decided to return to school. I'm currently in an Honors/AP Art class right now, and I'm completely flogged with art. My teacher is a hardass; she wants pretty pretty portraits, no illustrative stuff whatsoever, so I call upon egl with this:

I want to paint pretty lolis, but I'm not the type to paint without permission, so. If any of you would be okay with giving me your images (ie: anything you have taken of yourself or your friends), please do. These need to be stuff you or your roommates or whatnot have taken. They can be of stuff with copyrighted prints but I probably won't call attention to the prints in the work.

I would very much like large, HIGH QUALITY photos, of any of you lovely ladies in any lolita style. I want to do some semi-photorealistic paintings, so feel free to send me anything you have - of your own copyright - and I'll pick out a few to paint. If I do paint you, I'll credit you as a model and all of that. Don't be too offended if it doesn't look exactly like you; I'm probably the worst artist in my AP class, but despite that, I have lots of work to do and my concentration for my portfolio is "females". So. Hit me. Prz. As many or as few as you'd like ♥

By commenting here with any images, you are releasing said images and any likeness to them for artwork.

lol watch like no one give me anything ha ha ha.

Picture Request

Hi everybody!

I'm looking for photos of Puppet Circus OP, but not just stock photos, including photos that are the details on sleeves, the print and back.

Thanks and sorry my english.