March 14th, 2009


Inspiration to the people (hopefully X3 )

Mods, if this is too weird, feel free to delete.

Anywho, I love collection coordination photos, especially when AP posts coords at their blog. Anywho, on the danish lolita forum, I started a coord game, for people to practice their coordination skills and get inspiration from others. Well, I thought I'd post a few of those I've made already together with links to the various items I've used.

The whole thing started out pretty simple, with me only browsing brand pages, but after my first entry, I realized that it was much more fun to choose one or two central brand pieces, and put together the coord with offbrand stuff.

I hope this will be great inspiration to everyone. It was definitely alot of fun to do (even if it's a bit time consuming XD )
This can also be a very different way of presenting various loli-able finds ^_^


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One of them "can i wear lolita to..." posts.

So this is a question whether or not i can wear lolita to somewhere, is not a funeral or a wedding or anything. Is one of my friend's birthday "party" and he's holding his little get together at a goth heavy metal club thingy. Now generally, you have to be 18 to get into a club and am 17, but they're making an exception. So... Is it a dum idea to wear loli, do you think i'll be drawing to much attention to myself or not? Thanky :) :) :)
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Candy Fairy

Inspirational Picture Request: Floral Pieces

Hey everyone,

I honestly have a fetish for floral fabrics...almost every single piece of fabric I have bought this year has flowers or plants on it. With the exception of one fabric from Japan that has butterflies and a few cotton sateens. Haha. I am one of those Lolita's that started out Gothic then went floral after a few months and never looked back.

I have a stash that needs to be worked with soon so I am requesting for inspirational pictures of what you personally think are the epitome of floral pieces (OPs, JSKs, Skirts...) in Lolita fashion. The awesomest designed floral dress ever or skirt, basically. I have no real preferences if it is brand or off-brand.

I am more comfortable making skirts but I really need to venture into the JSK realm of sewing.

Pictures or links would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!
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Photo Request Again, sorry!

Real quick, I'd like photos of these AP style shoes worn, official or Secret Shop or whatever. I just got my pair and I have no idea whats going on witht eh ankle straps. it's too short for me to wrap around my ankle 3 times, but wrapped 2 times leaves all this extra strappage. Argh!
 So I want to see how people wear them.

Thanks in advance!

clothing tags/labels

In the near future, I'm planning to make and sell lolita clothing of my own design. This got me wondering about clothing tags. So, my questions...

What do you think of tags/labels in handmade clothing?
If you make & sell things, do you use tags or another way to put your name on it? Or do you not use something like this?

Any opinions are appreciated!

EDIT: Answered. Thank you!!

outfits inspired by kuroshitsuji

hello everyone~
this is my first time posting here, my name's Marta~ nice to meet you all!
i'm interested in lolita fashion for a year now, i'm still discovering new things about it ^^

sorry if such post was already made or it's not allowed to post sth like that.. let me know and i'll delete it!

i would like to ask you one question about lolita outfits inspired by manga/ anime kuroshitsuji, because recently i became a huge fan of this title and i found this news (maybe some of you know already) and i was wondering if any of you have more photos of such outfits inspired by this anime or maybe you have some links to similar news or anything connected to it. i'm gathering information about it and i would be very grateful for any help!~

sorry for my bad english! *bows*


My dream dress: AP Puppet Circus JSK in red <3

My S.O and I got up at 5am this morning so that we could get ready and drive to this location just after sunrise. Singapore's weather tends to be unrori friendly as its very hot, humid, and the light's usually wayyyy too harsh.

We arrived just after sunrise, and the soft warm light was lovely. However, I was really so groggy and am an horrible morning person (at least until I get some food & coffee)

More of a test shoot for the location, definitely plan to do more next time.

Photography by my SO, of InspireInfinity

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