March 13th, 2009

Points for Entertaining Lolitas

Hello Ladies
Curtesy of Delish by Msn, there was an article on High Tea for 10. For all the lolitas out there that like to entertain just as much as I do, please use this to your convenience.  There is an article on shortbread cookies, teas, and open faced salmon sandwhiches.
Hope this can come in handy for someone, I just thought I'd share.
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Gothloli + prom = ...?

Okay so my boyfriend told me that this club around here is having a "gothic prom", and I totally want to go Lolita for it. Problem is, I'm not really sure what Lolita items would quite fall under both the gothic and prom categories.
I'd prefer to make something from scratch, as opposed to trying to find something and alter it (this goes for ordering something online too, I don't want to have to work around ordering something and time restraints, as it's about a month away). I'm also a little on the bigger side (not too much, just enough to be horribly inconvenient), so no babydolls or anything that would make me look preggers. XD My hair will probably be pink at the time, and my glasses are pink, so I'll probably have a black/pink color scheme, and I'd prefer something long, but I'm flexible.
I'm also looking for makeup and hair tips if anyone has any ideas (currently no bangs, thick, naturally curly/frizzy, shoulder length hair).

Any suggestions?
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Lolita Dress Code Question

I know Lolita fashion can be pretty ridiculously broad, but I was wondering if spaghetti straps were appropriate for it.  I found a navy blue dress at the thrift store with enough room for ruffle-age and it's very cute but it does have very thin straps that tie together.
Does it depend on the dress? (should I post pictures?)

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Where to buy large bows from non-lolita stores?

What are some decent stores that sell large headbows that AREN'T lolita stores?

I know once in awhile you'll find some large bows at regular (mall) stores like Forever21, but have any of you found some good websites that sell bows that, while probably not appropriate for formal lolita outfits, would work with casual and deco-lolita outfits (and don't cost $60! XD). I love the bows that Japanese brand stores sell, but sometimes they're just too expensive.

The only shop I've been able to find is Johnny Loves Rosie. Etsy always has a few too, of course... Unfortunately, a lot of these bows tend to be of the shiny variety. :\ I love 'em, and I wear them with everyday outfits, but shiny bows and lolita don't really go together. :P
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