March 12th, 2009

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Sheep [art] + lolita fundraising!

Hello EGL,

i bring you, sheep lolita

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**now for the main topic: Fundraising
currently I am helping a fundraising event for a small group of participants for the AIDS/LifeCycle 8; a 7 day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise funds and awareness for AIDS/HIV services, prevention, and more.

here's the link to the event site:

**so how does this relate to lolita?
I am offering artwork for a small donation starting at $3 :)
I will take 10 requests at a time
Thanks for so many interests!!! I'll try to keep this going every weekend until the event :)

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finally, if you know anyone or any company that is interested in tax deductible donations, please lead them this way~

thanks for reading this!!
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Tokyo in March~

yueqian and aserett and I went to Tokyo last week and we had a grand time shopping, visiting the new Marui One and other lolita shops~ We also went to Christon Cafe at Shinjuku which was quite an experience. All in all, in general, we spent way too much money (but we were happy when spending??). The weather was freezing and it even snowed lightly on one of the nights when we were there but it was my first time ever experiencing snow so it was really memorable and exciting despite having numb faces and fingers XD

Here be some holiday photos!

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This is my third time attempting to post this thing. I'm really about to jab LJ in the eyeballs with a friggin parasol if it doesn't start cooperating with me, and soon.  Switched to a different image host so let's all just pray to the gods of the intert00bz that it actually works.

As I TRIED to say before I was so rudely interrupted by LJ being a douche, these pictures were taken at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. The photographer was Aaron Jackendoff and he did a bang-up job. Despite being cold, hungry, and almost assaulted by bums, </a></b></a>sweetsailormars  and I had a really good time. ^^

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Btssb bunny bag photos?

So, I know I just posted about bunny bags lol, but a lot of your opinions really got me thinking about which size to choose .. (.__.);
I deleted the last post so I don't clutter egl with my posts and is now asking if anyone wanted to share their photos of them wearing their bunny bags. xD

I want to see how a small bunny bag, medium, and monster bunny bag would look on a person. ^^

Thank you!

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Bodyline restock question

I did a search and didn't find anything under "bodyline restock," but my question is if an item says in the note section "restock no" under all the places that it is currently in stock at, does that mean that they will not restock the item online? The item in question is a new dress they put on the site this month. It says at the bottom though "will come" where one would attempt to add it to their cart though.

{ Beach & Swimwear for Summer 2009 }

So I thought about summer and how some of you will be hitting the beach! And I've always had a passion for cute stuff and extensive searching (I really strange hobby of mine...)
As someone also posted requesting stuff about beach lolita I'd thought I'd bring my post to you guys early seeing as spring break? (Us British lack this sprink break as lack of...sun shine)

So I've compiled a nice big list for 2009 swim wear, it has ALOT but not ALL of what I COULD have found as there is a lot out there. I will split this into different sections and I do realise how lolita is all about not exposing much but I've still included bikinis for those who don't mind as its summer and it's hot etc etc. Some are also not as loli as I would like them but I'm trying as close as I am as of course, its beach wear which means some form of exposure. It was a difficult process.

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Japan expo Paris 2009

Unfortunately I can't read French... so I was wondering if anyone knew if the Paris expo in a few months time will have any lolita related events?
I think last year AP were there and there was a BTSSB tea party, so I was wondering if there would be anything similar this year.

Even if there is nothing loli related, will there be a big European meet-up like last year?

The official website:

Thanks ^_^