March 11th, 2009


Shoe Question

Hi, I tried the search function but I didn't really find anything useful. Do any of you have the Demonia Abbey shoes? If so, are they comfortable? Do they seem true to size? Do they last more then 10 minutes? I am needing some new good basic lolita shoes with a heel, and RHS are out of the question right now since I am not wanting to order from overseas. Thank you in advance for your help.

The shoes in question.

Spring Break WHOO! (Swimsuits and lolita?!)

Alright, egl, I know some of you must swim! What is your favorite kind of swimsuit?

Spring break and summer are rapidly approaching, and I'd love to get a cute swimsuit for my spring break vacation. Do you have any favorite swimsuits that tickle your lolita fancy? Some that are just cute that you love?

I really want a one piece, but I'm not really sure where to look, since those are just 'kinda sorta' coming into style. Do you have any stores you recommend?

And am I mistaken, or did Baby do swimsuits at one point? Do they still do them? Or was it another brand?
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art post2

Now do the eyes in this picture look ok or they are creepy?
I must know to correct my drawings in the future. Expressions are important in a drawing, if I don`t do them correctly my drawings will suck! So feel free with the crits!
I hope the size of the picture is ok and not too big!!!!!!
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Random Question

We're currently trying to get our friend into lolita, and she is wondering if there are any prints out there that have lambs in them? We tried to think of one but didn't come up with anything, but since we mostly focus on Angelic Pretty, we figured others might know about any other brands that have lamb prints.