March 7th, 2009

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Question on Fairy-Angel

Has anyone ordered from Fairy-Angel recently? I've tried emailing them on March 3rd and yet I still have no response. Before I would get a response either right away or a day later (that's awhile ago though). Does anyone know what's going on with them? Thanks.
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Cute Loliable shoes at Payless!

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to post a litte shopping alert, Payless has some adorable and very inexpensive shoes out right now that would work great with a loli outfit. I found a pair last week at the store, and there pretty cute and not bad for $14.00. 
The catch... their children's shoes. But they run big, and could be great for smaller footed sized loli's! I'm a US size 7, and fit the chidrens size 5 PERFECTLY. They go up to childrens size 6 (which may fit US 7.5. 8, I'd try it on in the store to see).
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Picture Request: Bedrooms.

Hey girls, it's me again.

I have a little problem and I need some inspiration to solve it.
I am remodelling my bedroom within next week. The theme for it will be super cliché, lol. It's kind of like a super-classy-pink lolita princess look. I'll use some princessy elements such as damask decorations, decorations with roses and lace, bows, etc. The colour scheme will be pale pink, white, gold (for things such as frames and hangers), and maybe I'll add some red things to give it a little more personality.
The thing is that my bedroom is so, so small, that I have no idea how to arrange some of the things I have, or how to add colour to some corners of my room. I have some trouble finding good accessories and deciding what the heck to do with my walls (pink here, white there, no let's use wallpaper, arghhh!)
So my request for you guys is: Do you have any lolita (ish) bedroom pictures? It can be yours (omg yes show me yours ♥), it can be from a magazine, it can be from anywhere and any style, but I'd appreciate something princessy and pink more than anything. I checked the memories, the Princess Portal (Skye's room is heavenly, yesss) and some other communities, but I'm still really indecisive ;~;
Help guyz? Thank you
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Traveling to Japan Question

Although this question isn't strictly loli-related, I am likely traveling to Japan this summer and I was thinking of offering a shopping service while there. However, I was wondering, for lolis in Japan or lolis who have visited: Can you use a paypal debit card to withdraw money within Japan? Or would the only way to receive money and withdraw it while in Japan be to transfer it to my bank account and then withdraw money from my bank account with my bank debit?



EDIT: Also, is it possible to have more than one type of currency in your paypal account at the same time? For instance, if I were in Japan, I'd want people to send me money in yen so I could withdraw yen. Thanks!
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Brand jewellery questions.

Hello! I'd like to get some information on the quality of brand jewellery, especially Baby's. What exactly is it made of? Do you think it's worth the price? Does it tarnish easily? If so, how can I prevent/slow down the tarnishing?

I've never owned costume jewellery before, so I'm pretty much at a loss here.

I've run searches on "rust", "tarnish" and "clean jewellery/jewelry", but found nothing useful.