March 6th, 2009

Rose Chocolat

I just have a quick question about Rose Chocolat.

I really haven't really seen any posts about them since their quality & customer service issues back in 2007/early-2008. I haven't gotten any e-mail updates from them either and the pricing on their site is jacked so I was just wondering.

I'm just looking to see if there's anyone who's ordered from them in the past 6-8 months, who can give me feedback on their service, if it's much better or the same? Are they more understandable/can understand English better? How are their shoes now, specifically the "custom" ones? Do they still have those icky wedges? ;x etc., etc.



I looked through all the memories and entries about this but my question hasn't been answered...

I know for Anna House it says "Bespoke any bigger size need additional costs." But what about a smaller size? I'm looking for my order [a jumper and two blouses] to come in before Easter Weekend for Anime Matsuri and I need one size smaller than a small.

Is it worth the extra time it'll take? Or will my time limit be okay? Does Anna House fit snuggly with the minimum size it says? [i.e. bust 32-34] And my big question... How much is it for smaller sizes?

Please and thank you :]
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Picture Request

Please show me any pink x grey coordinate! It doesn't matter if it's from d_l, the Bibles or Kera, I just need some inspiration for my today outfit xD;

Thank you
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Swedish Meetup: Zombies, Gore, Nudity and some crazy Lolitas..

We decided that it was time to pay a visit to *The Swedish Museum of Natural History*.
Some lolis wanted to go there to take pretty pictures.
And they did get very lovly pictures..This is NOT their tread....

This is the tread about a group of lolis who wanted to take crazy pictures, see some 'balls'(hime_diru ) and look at a human brain. (myself)

This post content does contain of zombies, nudity , gore, dead animals and everything else that mind gross people out.

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hello egl community!
recently i was putting together an outfit and thought that i could use some lace wrist cuffs to complete my look. but i don't have any and i would rather make some than buy some. i'm an amateur seamstress so it's not very proffesional, but i think it's quite clever. i put this as an "idea" because i don't have any pictures of me actually sewing the cuffs.

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small photoshoots

it seems i'm on a posting spree. O_O but i haven't posted pictures of cooridinates and the aged photo effect pictures are from last year, i just never posted them... but just recently i dressed up my 3yr old sister. she is SO cute! *3*


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DK // Cesia // Final saving grace

Custom orthotics in lolita shoes

Okay, so I have collapsed arches and the apparently uncommon size 6-6.5 W-WW. So, question! Are any of the SS/Montreal/Baby/[insert brand here] shoes deep enough to fit in some custom orthotics, or have an insert you can take out? Suggest any cool shoe stores that could would have what I'm looking for?

Thanks, because black mary janes only go with so much