March 5th, 2009


Planning a Lolita Picnic

I'm working on planning a Lolita picnic. The event won't be for a couple months (June, or May at the earliest, no set date yet), so I've got plenty of planning time. However, I've never actually attended a Lolita event (I've been doing my homework though!). Can anyone offer up any good tips? What are things that you've experienced at different events that work/don't work? Any suggestions on good activities for a Lolita picnic (so it's not strictly food and fashion)?

Thanks in advance for your input! ^^<3


The picnic will be in Southeast Michigan (unsure about location at this point, but I'm leaning toward the Arboretum in Ann Arbor; don't currently have any ideas for a rainy-day alternative), if anyone's interested in possibly attending, the original post is here.

I'm also looking for someone local to possibly assist in co-running the event, as this is my first time, and I don't want to completely fail in arranging this. ^^* So if anyone is nearish (less than an hour from) Dearborn Heights and is interested in helping me out with this, let me know and we can arrange to meet up and discuss. ^^
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Halp, photoproject wants not to die

Hallo EGL, I am desperate! I am doing a photo/documentary-style project on [duh] Lolita! And I need more people to photograph! The problem is, I need people in GROUPS.

I'm currently in Belgium, but willing to travel to a neighbouring country [if it's not too expensive/general hassle] if there are groups of lolitas who are okay to be photographed.

The thing is I have to show the group dynamics, so I'd love to take photos of meet ups, concert-planning [the preparation, getting ready together, traveling, etc.] I don't think I can take my DSLR into a concert but we can always try ;D, sleepovers, drinking tea, baking stuff, or just basic stuff like walking around, shopping, sitting on the couch talking.

A perfect 'group' would consist of more than six or more people, but I'm pretty desperate so if you're less than six and still behave as a 'group' then you'll be awesome too.

I will travel to the Netherlands and France anyway, so people who are there and don't mind to be photographed: please comment. I don't need you to do anything you don't normally do! You'll just do whatever you want and I'll be lurking and taking photos ;D Of course no photos will be taken without permission, and you can always ask for the result, I can even make prints if you want :D

The UK can be considered as a 'neighbouring country', the thing is: if I do go somewhere far [German, Scandinavian lolis don't be shy either!] I'd like to stay for a few days and have a lot that I can document, so multiple events for the time I'm there.
I'm thinking of going to London anyway, so London-lolis please tell me when you have something planned?

Thank you so much! Even if you yourself don't like to be photographed, maybe you know people who do?

Quick, Stupid Question

I was just looking at heeled mary janes, and I wanted to know, would a five inch heel be waaaay too much? I just want to know because I plan on buying a pair anyways and want to know if I'll be attacked if I wear them with Loli.

Edit: Thank you, guys! I was looking for something in solid red and was looking at vs. in red (but, God, not the sparkly ones, xD).

Conclusion: I'll get low-heeled red shoes and save the stripper heels (xD) for Gothic.
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Anna House pink!

This is a slightly strange question, but I was wondering if anyone here can tell me if there's a brand that uses the same shade of pink that Anna House uses.

I have a pink Anna House OP, and would like a pink x white headbow to go with it. However, I'm not really a huge fan of the bows Anna House sells. They look a bit shapeless. I've never seen one worn, though...

Anyway, can anyone help me out? :D
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