March 4th, 2009

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Asian Lolitas, please help out!

A quick disclaimer: Don't worry! I can do and have done my own research - I won't be asking you guys to provide links to articles and so on and I will be sifting through egl memories later for similar topics to mine but right now, I need current sources to refer to in my essay.

I'm writing a paper on subcultures for my women's studies class, focusing specifically on the Gothic in the West and the Lolita in the East. Originally, I wanted to do a paper detailing the differences effected when 'underground' fashions cross cultures, but my professor rightly stated that there's way too little material to be accessed concerning the subject. I'm hoping that if this paper goes well, I might be able to take that on as a future project.

So today, I'd like Asian Lolitas (clarification: people who grew up in areas such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea - and Japan, obviously - etc.) to take a quick study. Your time very much appreciated!

Males or females, please feel welcome to take the study!


When did you first get exposure to Lolita? (ex. friends introduced it, magazines etc..)
Favorite style of lolita?
Why do you wear it? Any other reasons? I know that the main reason might be 'because it's pretty', but if it were possible, I'd like to get a bit of an explanation on that. What the appeal is etc, etc.
Is there a 'lolita scene' around your area, and what do you think of it/do you take part?
Have you ever been sexually harassed in lolita?
Do you consider yourself to be feminist? What would your definition be of 'feminist'?

Edit: This study includes Lolitas who were born in the East but immigrated to the West - though in that case, if it's not too much trouble, please include a few sentences detailing the differences/similarities of the situation. Also added a few questions.

Thanks so much for your time and any sort of help is appreciated!
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I saw this note in my f-list and thought it pertains to EGL because we're such a large comm.

"Sorry for the off topic post but

There is an application going around that is hitting larger communities on livejournal. It can all be explained here:

If we post anything without that at the beginning of it, do NOT comment or click on ANY LINKS that we may have posted. Please PM each of us immediately so if any of us are online we can delete it.

Sorry for the trouble!"

I have noticed the hack in some other comms and apparently it only hits large comms, so I thought I'd warn everybody here to be careful.
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A heads-up!

A heads-up for anyone who's interested in AP's Chandelier Print series ;) I'm currently in Tokyo for a holiday and I saw the Chandelier Print Jsk in PINK/GOLD at Harajuku's Closet Child today. Price was 34800yen if I'm not mistaken. As of 5.30pm Tokyo time today, it was still there, lol.