March 3rd, 2009

Earlybird Lolitas wearing Charming Ribbon?

I was thinking about reserving Secret Shop Charming ribbon shoes but I seriously don't know...Tea party shoes didn't fit me well (not size, rather design) but I am so tempted by Charming Ribbon. I noticed some have gotten their early bird shoes, I wonder if anyone might share pictures of the actual shoes worn / actual shoes in natural light (compared to those currently offered by shopping services?) Thanks!! XD

Some topics to think about...

I may not be finding the following topics in the memories or tags. I have a couple topics that would be really helpful to get "insider input" on, as someone who has been researching for months and just getting in to lolita and developing my style.

How to do offbrand loli right?


How best to get started in loli at any age?

If anyone knows of any guides like this to help a nub out, any help is appreciated. At any rate, I might have given dedicated lolitas something to do.

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Shopping Services for Hong Kong?

I've checked in memories, used the search, and checked the LoliGoth database for an answer to this question and couldn't find one so I guess I'll ask it here.

Is there a shopping service for stores in Hong Kong?  I've been really wanting stuff from Spider for a while now, but I don't want to bug my mother's friend when she goes to Hong Kong for the summer (since she's kind of conservative too). 

By the way...does anyone own anything from Spider?  How is the quality of the items?

Stockist request?

*EDIT* found in memories, thanky for the help :) :) :)... ... ...

Hi friends, i was just wondering, because life at school can be really boring i was wondering if anyone can send me a list of cheapish lolita clothing online stores, or maybe even links, so i can window shop in afrikaans. Please? Anything will do, preferably offbrand, coz i've seen angelic pretty's stuff 64 times. Thanky :) :) :)
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Lolita and funeral

It often has been asked if it is appropriate to wear Lolita to a wedding. Now I'm asking the opposite and want to ask if anyone had ever worn Lolita to a funeral.

I'm being serious.

My grandfather's funeral is on Thursday and he really liked my Lolita outfits. He often asked about the fashion.

We want to wear the traditional black clothes and I feel better when I'm wearing Lolita. It is not going to be OTT (I really don't have OTT things).

Has anyone done that? Has this been asked before?

EDIT: Thank you for your responses!. I've asked my mother and she says it's completely alright. Half my wardrobe is black anyway and I will definitely keep it very simple.

Thank you all for your advice!

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EDIT:  Thank you all for your input! I thought hard about your advice, and asked the seller if she would be willing to go half with me. Unfortunately the most she would offer was $5, and she sited again that she'd never had a problem wrapping a parasol that way before.. I'm not happy with it, but she was at least polite and apologetic, and I guess I'll just have to look at this as a learning experience. I'm not sure if the parasol is fix-able or not, I'm going to look into it, but I suppose if I can't fix it I can at least try to make it into a decoration or something--I don't want it to be a total loss.
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