March 1st, 2009

sorry, another bodyline question...

okay, i really like this dress:

but before you click on it, the dress looks like this:

the bow is at the very top of the dress. (sorry for lack of a better phrase.)

but when it's worn, the bow is at the waist.

sorry if this is a stupid question, but where is the bow???
does anyone have a picture?

thank you. ^-^
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Mexican shop find?

So my auntie got me a shirt some time ago [last august] and it looks somewhat lolita inspired [it has beading lace along the collar o.O;]
and so I checked out their website [finally ._.;]
The store is in Mexico City, I believe, so if you're there, it might be kind of cool to check it out :]
The shop section is under construction right now :[, but they did have a link to another store :OOO
that's the link to Tatei's shop :3

Hope you guys like it!