February 27th, 2009

help: photo request and looking for something idead

Hi, most of my brand dresses are short on me  like baby the stars shines, iw and  meta(I'm 1,70 cm) and now that I received this iw jsk ( witch was my dream jsk) , I decided to go for underskirts (commission one to wear under a dress to not look to short) . So my photo request are photos of people with brand dresses using underskirts and what kind of underskirt is better to use witch kind of dress and etc...
thank you

Another info request on an item: AatP skirt

Hello there ladies,

As I was browsing a BABY blog, I stumbled upon this piece of marvelousness. (Direct link because of huge picture) http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn177/Princess-Rockelette/2008-08-09_15.jpg

I absolutely must own this skirt, no matter what. This is the kind of print I wish AatP did more often, playing with the textures like that. However, I have no information at all about it! On the blog, they only spoke about the cutsew coordinated with it, no word about the skirt. Do you have any information about it? A name, the year of the collection it belongs to, anything? Stock photos? I never really saw this piece on the AatP website. But I want it so bad, any information would be useful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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Photo request - BTSSB high waist JSK - all colors!

this style:
I know there are more than one but since the style of the JSK is similar (the arrangement of lace, etc is different) 
I just linked one.
I would like to see this JSK in all colors on any body bodies ...

I checked Avant Gauche for some model pictures but couldn't find any..

Thanks :D

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I know there are art posts constantly, but this was one of my better works so I thought you all might enjoy it. It's not depicting a lolita by any means, but the aesthetics of sweet lolita are definitely there. Mods, if this angers ya'll, feel free to delete.
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fashion designs (part one?)

hah! yet another art post. *jumps on the bandwagon, armed with a broom to bat away irritated community members...*

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i guess a lot of my work could be considered more "lolita-inspired" rather than actual lolita, because if you asked me to put it into a loli category (sweet, egl, punk etc.) i definitely couldn't. O_o; (but i draw most of my influences from punk and goth, i can tell you that much .-.)

thanks for looking!

Pillow Fights for the Loli-lady?

I've been thinking about this one for a while, and couldn't decide if my idea was loli-worthy or not....so I'm going to try!

I would love, love, love to meet up and do some old fashion pillow fighting with you all on International Pillow Fight Day! This year the event will be taking place on April 4th in Union Square at 3:00. I was just imagining how much fun it would be to have 12-15 lolitas decked out, tag-teaming,  and hitting the deck in an all-out pillow fight spanning 4 continents and 25 (26?) different cities!


Since the NYC location has recently been announced, I thought it was a good idea! Perhaps we could go for tea and cake afterwords? This is the first time I'm being allowed into the city without parents, a lolita meetup on top of a pillow fight would be great! 

I'll be bringing a friend (or two), and we'll both be dressed up. Would any of you like to join us? :3

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Problems with Body Line GO

It's my first post here and I'm really nervous, so sorry about my bad english.

Girls, anyone had problems with the Internal Revenue Service of your countries? I'm from Brazil and they keep the pack and DON'T WILL KEEP IT ANYWAY! The "owner" of the order traveled to São Paulo to try to free it, but they said it is for seeling, not personal... when she asked about paying some taxe to free it [something about 120% the price declared!!!!] they said it is not possible and we have to look for a lawer to help us.

The pack has 700 dolares of skirts, dresses, shoes and bags... we are all very desperate about it, if anyone knows how to help us, please do it! =/

Sorry again about my bad english, but my hands don't stop shaking since I've heard it. =/
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Real Fur in Lolita/Japan

I got my Alice and the Pirates lucky pack today and it had a cream bolero in it, which I'm pretty sure is covered in lines of real fur. (I can't see it on the wesite so I can't confirm what kind)
Anyway, I will probably try to sell it since I don't wear fur, but it made me think - is it  generally seen as more acceptable to wear fur in Japan?
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