February 26th, 2009

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Feedback - ebay store GENTLE MAXX

I was wondering if anyone has ever bought anything from this store?


I really like some of their coats, the design is exactly what I was looking for, but I'd like to hear from someone who had bought their stuff.
Plus, now other people know about this store which seems to have some pretty decent clothes.

Thank you!
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Paypal problems

Hi all.

Paypal just sent me an e-mail saying I've reached the limit of money you can receive in a year and now I need to confirm my identity with things such as my dni, a receipt that shows my address and tinformation about my company. The thing is that I don't have any company it's just the money I gain when I make some sales post so I don't know what should I write.
Has this happened to someone else? What did you write?

Thanks in advance.

P.S.: I searched in the memories but I found nothing.
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Skirt/dress question?

I've found that I like my skirts or dresses a little longer than "standard" (which, I've been told, is about 19" from waist to hem). They come to mid-above knee for me, and I tend to like my length mid-lower knee, so we're talking adding maybe 2 inches or 4-5 cm. I'm not sure where/if I can find skirts or dresses that are long but will still fit me bust and waist. Is there any particular brand (or  offbrand, XP) that tend to run a little long? Is the best way to get what I want commissioning? I guess what I'm asking is...anybody have any recommendations?

Sorry if this is annoying or in the wrong place, but I've tried to solve this on my own and I'm stuck. Hoping you can help me! ;D

EDIT: I've heard a little about getting an "underskirt," does anyone have a picture of what one looks like being worn? How does it look?

(Let me know if this is not appropriate.)
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Sweets jewellery glue issues

Hey everyone~~

I was just wondering, does anybody else have sweets jewelery (like the ones bought from egl_comm_sales) issues with the glue? I can't tell if I just have horrible luck with the sweets jewelery I'm buying, or if I'm just really clumsy, or if this is a common thing.


Edit: Clarification ~~ Yeah, I'm mostly referring to the base coming detached and stuff. It's not just one specific seller!