February 25th, 2009

AatP In-store Novelty Fair?

Hello there Ladies,

with my dear Excite translator, I could read on BABY's website that AatP will hold an in-store novelty fair. However, they do not mention how much we must buy worth of clothing in order to receive the mysterious object. Here is where I need your help. Are there any Lolita living in Japan familiar with BABY's novelty fairs? Because as they did not mention any minimum amount of purchase, I'm wondering if they will actually give it to just anybody who shops there, no matter how much they buy. Could anyone enlighten me on this? Here's the link:


Thank you very much in advance!

Answered, thank you!
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LE SACRE DU PRINTEMPS, Dances of Vice Spring Ball update

This is just a quick announcement about the upcoming Dances of Vice Spring Ball in Brooklyn, NY:

1. Tickets are now on sale, and half the tickets for this event are already gone (and it's still February) so early reservations are strongly recommended. This event will sell out very soon.

2. Melora Creager of Rasputina has been added to the program. The full program schedule, event updates, and artist details can be found in the press kit on the DOV Website.


I look forward to seeing you there!

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(no subject)

I was just going through my daily lolita internet routine, ( don't we all? ) when meta's blog caught my eye. I am not even sure if I am seeing it right but their new print reminded me a lot of Angelic Pretty's print. Collapse )
miss k. vaughan

Do you have a Lolita theme?

I was just thinking about how the new AP print would be perfect for my best friend because she is obsessed with bunnies.  I have another friend who makes a point of only wearing prints related to fairy tales.  This has me wondering -- do any of you have certain personal themes you like to express with your Lolita outfits?  (I guess this would be mainly related to prints, but maybe you have a signature color scheme or a certain accessory that you always wear...)
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long shot but...

Is there anyone in Japan that already has the new G&LB and can tell me what meta's new surprise party print looks like? I get the part about parfaits, cakes, tarts etc. but is the print on the upper part ribbons and bows? The photos on the blog are just too tiny to tell, but it looks like something I'm really going to like!