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February 24th, 2009 
Calling all south african lolis. Trying to organise a meetup... Please message me if you're from south africa :) :) :). Feel free to delete if irrelevant.
Admittedly, I was inspired by nessaneko's post below about taking good photos as well as her excellent guide about buying & shipping properly in making this post. However, this has sort-of been brewing in my mind for a while. When I worked at Lucky Brand, I was in charge of maintaining clientele folders for all of our associates and one of the best things we utilized while sending out charge sends were thank-you cards! I realize you can go just about anywhere these days to find a decent template on writing your own notes but I feel that this process can be somewhat "lolified" with the correct stationary, etc. So with that out of the way, here we go!

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03:04 pm - :D
Did anyone get their Valentine's Day cards yet?

edit: I haven't gotten mine, but I sent mine out!
Found this in my Subscription Box, though you would enjoy all the eye candy
(notice in one scene the host holding a metamorphose bag)
Has anyone else gotten their LP's from AatP? I'm interested in seeing what everyone else got! As for me I got:

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I know the Sugary Carnival insanity isn't even over yet, but...

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08:43 pm - F+F Question
So I didn't get the jump on making a costume for Anime Central this year and decided I was just going to buy a lolita dress and wear that. I'm postively drooling over a dress from F+F but I will require custom measurements. I was wondering if anyone knew the general amount of time after ordering that it takes to receive your items from F+F?

Pin Up  March 2008
My wedding is coming up on Pi Day, and so, this last weekend, my best friend flew down to Atlanta from Virginia to throw me a shower. She's not a lolita, but she understands the fashion. She planned about the most lolita wedding shower that a non-lolita could possible plan. I totally forgot to take pictures of all of the pretty food, but it was a lovely spread of "lady food" on heirloom serving pieces on the background of a formal dining room table.

I'm posting this to the community because I think it's fun to see lolitas doing traditional things, and I also think one of the party games we played would be ridiculously fun to play at a lolita meet-up.

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A few people have asked me about how to make rose corsage combs, so while I was putting together another set to match my new dresses, I snapped a few shots for a mini-tutorial. It's one of the easiest hair decorations you can make, but it's perfectly elegant and a perennial favorite for classic lolitas. In fact it's so easy, you'll be hot-gluing in your sleep before the night's over.

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Not exactly lolita, but I thought this might be a good place to post this. I know that in the time of Marie, not everyone wore wigs, but my hair is too dark to powder. I'm thinking of a wig like this [even if it's not a wig]:
If this is a bad place to post this, please direct me to a community that could.
Thanks guys, you're all great.
Edit: How about real-hair wigs? 
10:44 pm - Kodona help
yui, konata, haruhi
 I'm looking for kodona things and so far I found 4 things... (do I need 4 or 6 things?)

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midlands meet reminder
(details on

x posted. my bad. >_>;
I've noticed on the egl_comm_sales that some posts tend to have rather bad-quality photos or rely entirely on stock images. Rule 11 requires that photos should clearly show details of each item, and in any case, a pretty, clear and well-detailed photo of your JSK or cutsew will definitely show off how cute it is much better than a blurry, dark or strangely-lit picture. That might make the difference between a potential buyer falling in love with your item and deciding to buy, or closing the tab and moving to the next sale post, and in this economy, I'm fairly certain we could all do with having our items sell nice and quickly n__n .
So in the interest of ensuring that sales posts are as awesome as possible, I've decided to compile a few tips for getting your pictures nice and clear, as well as some general advice for ensuring your sales items look the best possible. Further additions are definitely welcomed!
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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to post here and announce a new community for lolitas in the Florida Panhandle, Gulf Coast, and surrounding regions.


This community is for all lolitas in the area to meet up, communicate, place group orders and make new friends. There are already two wonderful florida lolita communities, but both are more focused on Central/Eastern/Southern Florida. As much as the lolitas in the panhandle would like to attend, 4+ hours travel to a meet is stretching it- so I've created this community. Please, if you know of any lolitas in the area- nudge them in our direction! Thanks!

this post was approved by carnet_atelier  :)

I organized a meetup last month to Vizcaya Villa and Gardens in Miami, Florida with the lovely South Florida lolitas! Here is the long overdue picture post.

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I wanted to write up a quick guide to shipping items. This applies to egl and really to anywhere else you may ship online. I have had items come to me with really poor packaging from many places, including here (and ebay, amazon, etc)

Note: Mods, if this should go to egl_comm_sales, let me know.

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dead girls can't say no
It has occurred to me that I don't see many H.Naoto JSKs/OPs (frill, honey, jelly, what have you) being worn on EGL. Skirts and cardigans I see quite often, but rarely full-on lolita pieces. I'm trying to familiarize myself better with the brand before I start looking to buy.

So please post pics if you have 'em. :0 Thank you!
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