February 22nd, 2009

Question about light colored blouses

I apologize if this has been posted before. I did check the memories, and my google ninja skills are admittedly lacking..

I am looking to buy light colored blouses, but the range of colors and the names confuse me. White, off-white, ivory, kinari, antique white, cream, mocha... It makes me wish I had swatches like when buying paint or carpet. I don't want to end up with a blouse I don't have a use for.

Is there some sort of ?white scale?, or perhaps photos showing the general range of the lighter colors? I figure that the colors vary from brand to brand, so if it helps at all, I prefer Baby blouses or perhaps Meta. Also, which color do you find to be the most versatile?

Thanks in advance for your advice and/or help!
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A month or so back claudine and I had a quick and simple polaroid photoshoot in Singapore. It's a pretty casual photoshoot, I just wanted some fun without thinking too much (it's not really up to work standard, but I'm on a holiday....so!!xD;;;)

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Concert review + pics

I visited the debut show of the band Lolita KompleX
First of all I want to say: It was cool, aIthough I was really sceptical at first! I really enjoyed their music and would recommend visiting their concerts XD. They played some cover songs from the Alice in Wonderland Anime, Moi Lolita and Turning Japanese, which I really liked *g* then their music on myspace and ex-Sanguis et Cinis songs. it was just my taste XD well...
And the singer Nana was also very cute! She wore a pink floral bodyline skirt and a white blouse, well just look at the pics (although they are b/w and not the best quality)
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Hi everyone!

We're in desperate need of full body outfit photos for our Western Lolita Style Watch, and any other content you'd like to submit. Feb 24th is the last day to get in your submissions (the next issue comes out on March 1st) so please email us asap and help keep Sucrerie Magazine alive!



I'm been searching for the better part of an hour but I can't find anything but secondary sellers.
Does GLP have it's own website? Or even somewhere I can just look at a catalog? A local store in vancouver sells their stuff and can get larger sizes if there's enough interest. I really want to see what they have and maybe get her to order in the less goth club wear stuff the owner tends to go for.