February 21st, 2009

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Bags Question

Let's see...how to begin this...Well, I wear Lolita just about everywhere I can, and that includes to school. Right now my school backpack is a useful (but ugly) targus laptop backpack that really ruins my silhouette. I have to carry two or 3 books to school each day, plus my laptop and cord, and a few reading books, and have no locker. My laptop is a 15" screen, I think, so I believe the dimensions of the laptop are around 12"x8"x1.5" (LxWxD).

I guess what I'm asking is: are there any loli-like bags out there that could hold all this? If you wear loli to school, do you have a bag you carry things in, or just a regular backpack?

Please let me know if this is an inappropriate post, and I will delete it. ;D
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Question for Singapore Lolitas and Lolitas who Know About Fabric Shops

I am Singaporean but am ashamedly unaware of where to go to buy loli-type fabrics. Can someone recommend shops they know /buy from? I only know Spotlight and People's Park Complex but I am sure that there are lots more I don't know that carry florals, calicos and cute Japanese prints. Please keep your recommendations coming! Will be grateful! If there are any non-Singaporean lolitas who have bought fabric before in Singapore and have recommendations at hand, will appreciate if you could let me know! Thanks!!

First Small Cooridinate

At my school we were taking casual portraits for my computer graphics class. My friend knows that I like lolita so she asked me to wear some semi/casual lolita clothes for the shoot!

Here are the pictures we took:

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Lolita at Otakon?

Hello everyone!  So, there was a fabulous lolita fashion show at Otakon last year.  As I will be going to the convention and wearing lolita, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get involved with the fashion show or one of the lolita panels, and who to contact about it? 

If someone can give me some more information about it, it would be very helpful!  Thanks so much!

Dances of Vice: Roll Call and Roomshares?

I know that quite a few Lolitas in the community are attending the Dances of Vice Le Sacre Du Printemps event in New York City on March 21st. I haven't even made my travel plans yet but I know I am! And all of you should too... click the link, it's totally worth it! :3

I have three questions for those who are planning to go:

1) First things first: Who's going? Shout out!

2) Are you wearing Lolita? I was considering it, but I also kind of want to find an excuse to stick a pair of horns on my face and nance around like a faun. Or possibly wear a hat with a clipper ship on it.

3) Anyone from out of town who might be interested in doing a roomshare? I'm planning to be around at least one if not two nights and I have one or two friends who are coming, but splitting hotel costs is always good.