February 19th, 2009

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The Floor Plan of the New Marui One, and Opening Day Specials

A commenter on my last post thought this might be a handy post to make in EGL as well as my blog, so here goes. :)

The Marui brand of department stores seems to enjoy shifting things around every few years regarding their Shinjuku branches, and Friday, February 20th will reopen the former Marui City 2 as Marui One, featuring many of the Lolita and Goth brands you know and love. The former Marui One is now Marui Curren, as a side note.

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Another questionable news article mentioning lolita

Me and some friends (kumonico , keeki_hime , zoo_le , eglsoflsherry , ajisainohime + some non-LJers) were featured in an article for the Miami New Times, a free publication in South Florida. About a month ago we got to take some photos with Colby Katz - a really awesome photographer. The article is a photo-essay format which discusses "Super Fans" and lumps lolitas together with other... um... special people.


Scroll down to the end of the article for a slideshow of pics (but they're really small). 

Any thoughts? I'm kind of pleased about being in the paper, but all of these types of articles are so biased and silly =/

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I'm thinking of getting some stuff from bodyline, this coat among others. When I looked at the coat a few days ago it was $56 and the next day it was $50. I just thought I had seen wrong but when I looked today it was down to $44... Do they always change the prices this much?
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[Oh no! Not another] Picture Request!

Actually, I didn't know whether to post this on egl_comm_sales, sew_loli, or on here. I posted on sew_loli, and I was told it would be better to post it here.

I'm actually beginning to start my first major sewing project, and I have a reference picture in mind, but I actually wanted to find that picture. The picture in question is a red plaid and black asymmetrical skirt.
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Found, thanks! ^_^


http://www.doedeereblogazine.com/articles/summer-faerie - I think sweet lolitas and decololis would love this!
http://www.doedeereblogazine.com/articles/aquamarine - I think this might be suited to more goth and punk styles!
http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=601 - This is adorable again for sweet styles. (Maybe BtssB Alice Cookie? or whatever that was called.)
http://www.xsparkage.com/?p=38 - Beauty and the Beast inspired look. Seriously cute, still.
I'm no expert, so feel free to dismiss my ideas!
Anyway, I know I don't wear makeup when I'm supposed to, so while I was looking for things to try on my own, I figured some of you could benefit from those sites too. They're definitely worth the browse, especially if you love makeup. And the punch of color in some of these is AMAZING. (sorry if some are reposts)

Some of my favorite lolitas on this site use unconventional makeup. How about you?

Sailor Photo Request

Hi, I know everyone hates photo request, but I need some stock photos. I am looking for anything sailor themed, mainly one pieces or jumperskirts though. I tried the search function and the stock photo flikr and I wasn't really finding that much. Thank you in advance.
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Rose Chocolat shoe question?

hey guys. I'm not that heavily involved with the Lolita comm/fashion that much so sorry in advance if this questions comes off as obvious. Basically I fell in love with these bunny-faced boots from Rose Choclate:


However being that I've heard bad things about RC's service [ esp. when you custom order which is what I need to do as I wear a size 9] Im very reluctant to try and order anything from them. Has anyone ever seen any simuliar shoes/boots from anybody else without being super-cutesy and over the top?