February 18th, 2009

Military-inspired outfit (commission sewing post)

For the last wee while, I've been working on a twin lolita set for listerinepree and brionyalissa. They asked for military-style high-waisted skirts in khaki wool, and white/off-white Peter Pan collar blouses. I also suggested since there was a fair bit of fabric left over that we could do halterneck waistcoats similar to some from Alice and the Pirates, and they agreed so I got to play around with lots of awesome tailoring!
The outfits are finished and I'm incredibly pleased with how they came out, I was aiming for a blend between a sort of Innocent World-ish classical and Alice and the Pirates style, with lots of tailored detail rather than ruffles and the like. I think I got the look quite well, and they're pleased with how the outfits came out so they've given me permission to post photos here - I can't wait to see the photoshoot they come up with!

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Sugary Carnival Pink Pony

Angelic pretty new dresses

Collapse )I'm really hoping to be able to purchase some of the newer series from AP like sugary carnival and miracle candy but I don't get over to Japan until August. Would they probablly be sold out by then? How important are reservations? What if you don't get one but go to the store when it is released?
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Custom print fabric?

Hello EGL!

I've been googling for a while for companies that provide custom print fabrics and noticed that they are kinda... expensive. I know about Spoonflower where the fabric is $18/y, but does anyone know about a more affordable place? I'd like to make my own line of clothes for sale (with own prints!) and with that price they'll end up being hella expensive too! :P Or should I just try printing some simple patterns myself?

Thanks everyone in advance! :) <3