February 17th, 2009


Fixing JSK (removing tide to go)

I just noticed while cleaning my room that I have a stain on my BABY jsk, so today I decided to try and use some tide to go to do some temporary cleaning up. However, while I was in the middle of using the product, I noticed that the area in which I used it was getting lighter than all the other areas of my JSK (!!) so I rushed to the sink to try and wash off the remaining tide to go liquid. Now, as I hanging it to dry, it seems that the area is still lighter than all the other parts...

Am I just being paranoid at this moment, or is there any way I can fix it? (I usually keep my stuff in pretty pristine condition, so this is the first time where I was faced with a stain, and I decided to use tide to go in order to clean it up)
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Marui Renewal Opening: In-Store Baby and AatP Lucky Packs, Freebies and Limited Edition JSKs

I'm going to do a more thorough post on my news blog tomorrow or Thursday listing what special deals various brands will be offering, but as this just went up I thought some of y'all might like to know. :)

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To welcome spring, a mint version of their Merry Sweet Castle JSK will also be available for purchase in-store at that location only, as well as a bordeaux version of their sold-out Versailles Rose Embroidery JSK and bonnet.

And... if you spend more than 5,000 yen there on the 20th, the first 100 customers will get a free ticket to an in-store event on the 22nd of February (3-5pm) featuring actor Yasuka Saito as a guest. You'll be able to shake his hand, get his autograph and take photos with him.
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Doggie question~

I was wondering how many of you girls/guys out there have small doggies. C:

I'm getting a chihuahua soon and I'm making her some lolita dog clothes and I was wondering if anyone else is interested. If so I might make some and put them on the comm_sales. (Not as a shop or anything just an occasional hobby.)

Also I'm curious to see some pictures of your darlings, especially if you like to dress them up in frills!

Note: I know that some of you aren't pro dog-clothes but I would like to keep this as a fun topic and not have it turn into a debate. Thanks.

(Sorry if this post isn't related enough.)
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Last Call - New Sales Community Mod Event

This is the last call for volunteers for the New Sales Community Mod Event. Self-nominations and endorsements will be closed at 3am EST. That gives you 12 hours to decide if you'd like to try out to be one of the new mods, and it also gives you 12 hours to make any endorsements you would like to make.

Remember, you can only nominate yourself, but you can endorse the nomination of another person. Your endorsements will help us select the seven people who will be in the running for the two moderator positions.

The seven potential mods will be announced tomorrow by 3pm EST.

Comments are disabled in this post. Please see the post linked below to read more about the Event, to nominate yourself, or to make endorsements.


Dress for free? *_*

As usual I commented on many postings in several lolita-communities. One of these postings was about this bodyline jsk  and I said there that I like this dress very much.
Suddenly I got a message from gaslighthorror . She told me that she got this dress in a lucky bag and doesn't need it and she wants to give it to me as a present, because she doesn't want to sell it (because it's cheap at the bodyline site). I was really confused and secptical! I mean... a dress? for free?! ...
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Moderator permission for comm_sales?

Hi, I went through the FAQ and could not find a relevant answer... and the one mod post on here right now has comments disabled!

I'm trying to join comm_sales. I've requested to join multiple times over 2 days, which seems like a long time to wait for a response from a community that has multiple mods. Is there some sort of criteria for eligibility? Or is it just due to aforementioned problems?

It's a little frustrating because I simply don't know who to take it to, since theoretically it would be the same people who aren't actioning the membership. :S

Please feel free to delete if there is a FAQ post somewhere that I have missed or otherwise failed to find. Thank you!

question about socks

hello all
i wanna buy this black socks from Baby the Stars..
but first i wanna know as they are put, because im not sure .
if someone have the same socks, can i see you picture with this socks,pleae??
thanks ^^

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Claire's closing

"Claire's made Yahoo's list of stores likely to go bankrupt. As Icing is under the Claire's chain (and has been doing considerably worse than its teen-oriented counterpart according to clairestores.com) it too is in the same supposed danger."

taken from wiki, as I can't locate the yahoo article.

If this has been mentioned before, feel free to delete.

I know that a lot of us go to claire's for items, and they are currently holding large sales right now.