February 16th, 2009


Sweet deco- just a phase?

2 Quickie questions,

Mostly directed to those in Japan or those who follow what's going on in the accessory world of lolita-
Sweet deco goods- still in or very much passe?

Directed to everyone-
Do you believe you would still buy rings, necklaces, hairbands, whatnot?

(This is be just being curious as to what people in the community think of the matter)

MN Rufflebutts were on the MN public radio today!

A local reporter took up interest in our tiny little fashion! A couple months back she started to interview Samantha Rei from Blasphemina's closet about Lolita Fashion and designing ect.....and it ended up being a story not only on Lolita, but also on other  Neo Victorian fashions such as Steampunk and the like. Collapse )
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