February 15th, 2009

Danish-German Meetup?

Shame on me, So many pretty Valentine Photoshots and i'm comming up with this ordinary Post :D

Hello my dears, I'm one of the 3 Admins for the Lolita Meetups in Schleswig Holstein (and sometime in Hamburg, but Hamburg got a own Meetup circle ^-^)

Today we had a nice idea! What a about a Meetup with some Danish sisters???
We tought about a visit of Schloss Glücksburg or maybe a nice Picknic?
A possible termin would be great in summer, around Juli, or August...or maybe September???

Please tell me your ideas and opinions.

Bye :D

strange/ maybe stupid question

Do brands make beanies? Aside from punk brands I mean?

See I wear lolita on a nearly daily basis and since I commute to school in the very early morning I would love something to keep my head warm. I was going to post on community_sales, but then I thought does this even exist? Regular hats don't really cover the ears (very sensitive ears to the cold) bonets work okay but then the material still let's quite a bit of cold through and half bonets are thicker, work well but the back of my head is exposed. So normaly ill wear knitted beanies, but I don't have time to knit one in every color.

Has this happened to you? Any suggestions on head wear?

* searched mems first, found nothing that was related.
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BTSSB Dress?

Can anyone tell me any information on these dresses and their backgrounds? What this dress is called, when it was featured/made, what brand it is? I hate it when commissioners show them to me as their own work and I want to poke them about it with the right info.

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We were only trying to drown her

they can just NOT send items on yahoo!japan?

I have a weird question that has come up when dealing with my shopping service, Celga. I won a rose toilette OP and half bonnet on auction for 28,500 yen http://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/120133423 and everything seemed fine. In two weeks however, the OP had not arrived to Celga's warehouse in Japan [usually it takes around 10 days max and before I had a problem where something of mine didn't show up because Celga had LOST it at their warehouse so I was a little worried because this was a dream dress of mine]. So I emailed them to asked about it and they just said that some sellers are slow and to wait another week. I've waited longer for things coming from within my country so it made sense and I waited another week. It still didn't show up there so I emailed again and was told if it didn't show up in one more week, they'd contact their Japan offices about it. Again, it didn't show up so they contacted their Japan offices about it and I was told the seller just never sent the dress, probably because they don't like shopping services and stuff like that. I know that a seller can REMOVE a bid on yahoo!japan if they don't want to sell to someone, but can they really just not even SEND a dress if the shopping service wins and pays for it? I mean, with ebay, you would get in SO MUCH TROUBLE if you tried to pull something like that and I doubt it'd really be okay on yahoo!japan? [but maybe it is, so that's why I'm asking] I asked Celga if they could leave negative feedback or something for the person because that sounds so shady to just not send an item that's won and they said it was past the time they could have? [again, thanks for not checking on this earlier, Celga x.x] how long does someone have to leave feedback on yahoo!japan? At this point it had only been one month so that seems a little early to say you can't leave feedback in my opinion, but then, I'm just basing these on ebay which I'm sure has differences from yahoo!japan. :/

Can a seller on y!j really just not send an item if they don't feel like it?
How long do buyers on y!j have to leave feedback for someone?

Looking for an EGL member and her jsk D:

I know this is quite random but awhile back there was a member from Mexico? (not exactly sure) who made her own JSK, it was mint with pink and was VERY Angelic Pretty. I admit I can't remember her LJ name and all my searches through the EGL comm, have given me nothing substantial.
I apologize if this is too OT for the community.