February 13th, 2009

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The original discussion happened in a different-language community, so no linkage.
But there was a person claiming existence of such a thing as Hippie (sic!) Lolita. DDDD:

In case I am being painfully ignorant (though I don't think I am...), egl, please enlighten me! =_____=
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AP Seriously Over-Estimating Sizing Now?

I've noticed this mentioned in a couple of threads. It looks like AP's newer lines (Miracle Candy, Sugary Carnival) are seriously over-estimating the bust measurement. Both JSKs are listed as up to 98cm bust... but that's definitely not true. I'm a 97cm bust and am still a few cms off the bust on Miracle Candy (as in, even stretching the shirring a bit the zipper edges have about four cm between them), and I assume Sugary Carnival is going to be similar.

It's okay for me, I've already lost 30cm off my measurements in the last ten months so I know in a couple more I'll fit it, but I know it might be disappointing for a lot of people if they think they'll fit because of the given measurements and then don't even come close when the dress arrives. Bustier lolis should definitely be aware of this sizing issue.

First Time Sewing Post.

My mother and I made this skirt for a Lolita meet.  We finished the night before as well as fixing my petticoat. D: It took a while, but finally we did it.
It's a rather basic skirt and was based off of a BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT pattern. :D

Enjoy and be kind. ♥


Full View.

Antonio & Lovino

Lost package

Hi Ladies.

Some weeks ago Mai send me a package but this never arrived. I don't have the tracking number and Mai don't answer my mails. I hope the package arrived to some girl in the comm.

The package have 1 pair of Fancy Melody socks from AP, 2 DVD from Gackt, 1 Baby calendar and a Swimmer cup.

Thanks for read me and sorry my english.
burgerlita 2.0

Atelier Ingenue review

Hi, egl! Sorry this is way, way overdue, and some of you have already seen the dress before, but I am finally posting a review of my custom piece from the lovely brains, beauty, and talent behind upcoming brand Atelier Ingenue, Miss arktoi .

I had wanted to commission her for a while, knowing of her design and seamstressing prowess, and I had an idea in mind of making a dress out of my favorite motif come to fruition. I broached the idea to Erin and she had the perfect design in mind.

Collapse )

I would definitely order from Atelier Ingenue again. My dress fit well, is super cute, and is definitely unique. In the future she'll be doing limited runs of set designs so there won't be any of the risks involved with commission queues or minor custom fit issues. I give Atelier Ingenue 5.5/6 overall. (Sorry for the weird rating system but I am crossposting this to my website).
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PotC Compass

AatP lucky packs

So who got one? I just paid (postage was 3800 to Australia) - I like that these weren't announced in advance so the servers weren't so clogged! It only took 30 mins to get my confirmation email :D They will be posted from March 1.
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egl valentines card event~

Just wanted to let everyone know that all e-mails with your valentines addresses have been sent out. remember that this event had been delayed, so of course you don't have to mail things out by tomorrow! Take your time, and hopefully have them mailed by the end of next week.

thanks for being patient, everyone. I really appreciate it.
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If you are going to Tokyo soon..

Durring my last trip to Tokyo (Jan 20th), We finally located the Closet Child in Shinjuku. We had tried once before, but were foiled.
The good news is, they now have HUGE sign on the side of their building. The old one was notoriously hard to find. Even with directions AND a photo, we couldn't find it. As soon as you walk under the train tracks from the East exit of Shinjuku station, you should see the sign on the bulding catty-corner from where you are standing.
I wasn't able to get any photos, but I wanted to let people who are going that it's much easier to find now.

Also, they had the AP cathedral print JSK. with tags !!!! =D

Sorry if this has already been discussed-I won't be offfended if this get deleted.


Ok, just a heads-up, the title says it all. Go on the webpage for more information. Can somebody translate what it says for the LP? My translator makes it too confusing, I'm not sure whether they want us to use the shopping cart or use the mail order. Help?
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